connecting to an enterprise 250


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connecting to an enterprise 250

Postby archimede » Tue, 18 Nov 2003 06:45:18 GMT

I just bought an enterprise 250
I' ve no Sun keyboard, no OS CDs, the machine was a production one
so it was configured with a password, seems to work normally (I guess it 
from the leds), no video card, the only thing I own is a serial to rj45 
connector placed on the serial port that I suppose was used to login.
I meant to enter to single user mode so that I could have changed the 
passwd, unfortunately neither with hyperterminal nor minicom I could get 
in. Settings was standard 9600 8N1 no flow control.
On the laptop side I used the only connector that could fit... a cisco 
one connected to the laptop serial port through a rj45 cable.
My question is simple
how can I see the prompt and access to the BIOS?
Thanks in advance

Re: connecting to an enterprise 250

Postby Bruce D Porter » Tue, 18 Nov 2003 07:13:00 GMT

You need a null modem connection serial cable (2&3 crossed, 7 straight
through. This wiil get you to a console session.

From here you can boot to single user but need to know the password.

Getting tothe OBP (sending a break) will not get you past this.
You need a boot CD at that point (or a JumpStart server) and boot cdrom -s
(or boot net -s).

Then you need to mount and edit the / file system before editing out the
root password (/etc/passwd).

But it sounds like you may aswell rebuild from scratch anyway.


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Re: connecting to an enterprise 250

Postby Darren Dunham » Wed, 19 Nov 2003 07:15:14 GMT

Make sure it's really the serial port and not the parallel port.

Sorry, you still have to enter the system password even if you boot to

You would either need installation media or some root attack on the
computer if you want to change the password without knowing it.

There is no standard for RJ-45 serial.  While the sun/cisco version is
pretty popular these days, I've met a lot that aren't the same.

It's entirely possible that your jumper is bad, or that your rj-45
converters are not acting in the method needed to create a null modem
cable.  Unless you know the cable works by testing it elsewhere, I'd
assume that's your problem.

With a proper null-modem cable and default settings on the machine, you
should be able to access the Open Boot Prom (not a BIOS).  From there
you can boot different devices.

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Re: connecting to an enterprise 250

Postby Paco » Sat, 22 Nov 2003 08:42:53 GMT


    Cisco connector is not a good idea, they use some another pin
configuration. You can use a plain cable from your serial port to the "A"
port of your E250, using a Null-modem conversor, but it should work with
serial-to-RJ45 conversor (try with another RJ45-to-serial adaptor). To get
access to the "bios" (actually, OPB), you can press Break during boot
process, so you'll get the ok prompt.



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