Open-E iSCSI Soho target and Netra x1 + Solaris 10 (with its own iSCSI initiator)



  • 1. rsync commad with include option
    I am having SunOS 5.8 I installed rsync command. i used following command to execute. rsync -a -vv --include-from=hgr_web_filter.txt /webapp/was40/ installedApps/testdep.ear/test.war/ XXXX@XXXXX.COM :/webdata/ websphere/logs/testdep/logs/ it is throwing following Error: rsync: unrecognized option `--include-from=hgr_web_filter.txt' --include option is not listing rsync --help please help me to resolve tis problem thanks in advance kamz.
  • 2. Secure Shell quries
    Hi, For security purpose, I have configured SSH setting in solaris so that root can not login directly. To have root access, one must su after login. To deploy websphere application, I need to scp files and directories from staging to produciton environment in root level between 2 servers. When I perform scp in root level between the servers, the password keeps prompting and refuse to let scp to proceed. Is there a way to go about it without compromising security? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • 3. V440 Java Desktop Login Problem
    Has anyone seen this issue before? I have two Sun V440's, both installed using Solaris 10 11/06 DVD. No other devices attached. Once installed using 'Complete Install with OEM', I try to log in using X-Windows. I choose 'Sun Java Desktop' and the login starts, I get the hour glass for a split second then bounces back to the login window again. Note - this system on;y has 11/06 at this point - no cluster patches as they are still messing with my SunSolve account. I choose CDE instead, and login suceeds. Running in failsafe mode, I run 'gnome-session' and get an error stating the system cannot find Looking in /usr/lib, I see that exists, the link to so.2 exists, but the file doesn't! Weird. This happens on both of the V440's. I also have a V490, and installing using the same DVD with the same method causes no problems. Anyone experinced this before before I blow the systems away and try again? Silver Mane

Open-E iSCSI Soho target and Netra x1 + Solaris 10 (with its own iSCSI initiator)

Postby Sastien de Mapias » Wed, 07 Mar 2007 21:58:01 GMT

I intend to try to connect an iSCSI target to my Netra x1 (using
a SOHO flash card set up in a Dell Poweredge 1400sc). I still
have to install Solaris 10 on the Netra, in order to have an
Anybody ever happened to d-i-y that kind of stuff before, any
experience to share ? I'll let you know anyway if I manage to get
it work (I intend to do that by myself at home, for sheer
experimentation purposes).

In advance, thanks.

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