Sun Cluster 3 vs.Veritas VCS 3.5



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Sun Cluster 3 vs.Veritas VCS 3.5

Postby fores » Tue, 30 Dec 2003 20:15:32 GMT

I have used Sun Cluster 3 (with VxVM) in the past, but never VCS; can some
enlighten individual tell me:

The pros and cons of Cluster 3 vs. VCS.
The major differences between the two.

Which you consider the better product and why?



Re: Sun Cluster 3 vs.Veritas VCS 3.5

Postby Toomas Soome » Tue, 30 Dec 2003 21:35:36 GMT

VCS is better if you have 3rd party hw (storage) - almost always it's 
then impossible to use Sun Cluster (you will get magic words - unsupported

VCS is better integrated with other veritas sw like vxvm, vxfs etc.

Sun Cluster is very well integrated with os kernel, so it shoult "notice"
anything bad quicly.

feature set is quite comparable -- lots of agents, published API, etc.
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Re: Sun Cluster 3 vs.Veritas VCS 3.5

Postby Scott Howard » Wed, 31 Dec 2003 09:19:53 GMT

This is not as much the case as it used to be.  Sun is now supporting
Sun Cluster in environments with certain 3rd party storage, based mainly
on the storage vendor supporting it with Sun Cluster.
EMC and IBM Shark storage (in certain configs) are now supported with SC,
although obviously the "support" isn't as good as for Sun storage (there
are times that you just can't beat single vendor support for the entire


Re: Sun Cluster 3 vs.Veritas VCS 3.5

Postby Thomas H Jones II » Wed, 31 Dec 2003 16:41:38 GMT

In article <c3UHb.6224$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,
fores < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > did thusly spew forth: 

Considering the number and types of HORRIBLE experiences with SunCluster 
(SCSI lockouts, false failovers due to the PNM monitor being poorly designed,
gawdawful performance of the GFS, etc., etc., etc.) versus fairly flawless
operation of VCS, I'd have to give the nod to VCS.

Hell, even the Sun PS guys that were assisting on one of the projects 
were wondering why we went with SunCluster rather than VCS.

SunCluster just seems to not be as well designed.


Re: Sun Cluster 3 vs.Veritas VCS 3.5

Postby schms » Thu, 01 Jan 2004 01:25:52 GMT

Hi Fores

I have been using VCS clusters by now for two years without any

troubles and I would choose this product again.

However, I run only simple fail-over clusters, nothing which is

very sophisticated.

In addition, there are rumours (actually first hand reports)

which state that VERITAS support (even if you pay a lot)

is very poor not just in terms of VCS but also for other products 

such as Netbackup. It seems, that they just want to sell...

After all, go for VCS but praise regularly that you do not have to

rely on VERITAS support.

Re: Sun Cluster 3 vs.Veritas VCS 3.5

Postby Greg 'shoe' Schuweiler » Fri, 02 Jan 2004 00:10:36 GMT

I have used VCS extensively for numerous clusters (the largest
being 14 nodes across three datacenters, each a few kilometers
apart.)  If you get involved in supporting any critical
applications you better know the software you are using and
forget about support from the vendor (Sun, IBM, Veritas, enter
favorite vendor here.)  In other words you need a development
system to test your application/clustering/etc on prior to
putting it into production.  When I started with VCS I used
and UE-10, UE-2, and a single scsi external drivepak for shared
storage.  My test environment grew with as the clusters I was
supporting grew but it is a cheap place to start and learn with.

You have to have the authority (or management with a
little guts) to tell potential departments "You aren't putting
that {*filter*}in my cluster."  You need Service Level Agreements
that people understand and adhere to.  One of the big things
that non-sysadmin/IT people do is confuse highly available with
fault tolerant.  With VCS, HACMP, ServiceGuard, and Cluster3
you are NOT fault tolerant.  Failure will happen, but recovery
should be in a known bounded amount of time.

For instance, "If server A dies, the 300GB database (DB2)
will automagically come up on server B, iff server is not
currently running the 273GB database (ORACLE3), in which
case DB2 will come up on server C.  This will take 9 minutes
because the database must replay it logs before users can
connect again."

As support for third party disks, raid arrays, hba's, etc.  Must
of my setup was supported, some was not.  I tested the{*filter*}ens
out of things to ensure they worked.  I have a problem with a
hardware vendor saying they only support these type of disk
arrays (or hbas), when you think about it if a disk is presented
to a system, it should be usable by that system, whether in an
HA system or not.  The point is, what they support is what they
tested and they test there own hardware first.

Sorry about getting on my soapbox.

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