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  • 1. IPFilter problem revisited
    I couple of days ago I posted my problem regarding ipfilter and NAT that seemed not to work for TCP but for ICMP/UDP for version 3.4.35 under Solaris 9. Then I gave it a try to compile 4.1.10, this time it appeared to work but strange things happened when introducing IP pools. Well, I ended up reverting back to 3.4.35 and this time that version worked well for NAT. In fact I did a stop, pkgrm and then a pkgadd and start all the time. Hmmm, Gremlins at work! I hope that Sun's 4.0.2 built into Sol10 ipfilter doesn't show any glitches since I plan to upgrade to Sol10 within the next couple of months. Uwe
  • 2. logsurfer.conf example
    Does anyone have a logsurfer.conf file used on Solaris servers they wouldn't mind posting? I would rather not start from ground zero. Thanks!
  • 3. Where can I get a compiled file?
    Does anyone out there know where I can get a compiled version of for Solaris 8? I have not been successful in compiling one. Thanks, TH
  • 4. in.ftpd so slow
    Hey all, I've a SUN Solaris9 machine running in.ftpd daemon via inetd superdaemon, for some of the last 2-3 weeks , I am facing a heavy delay in ftp banner of the system, the server responds so slowly and passively and clients start worrying about the services. I have checked /var/log/ and many other log related file and also checked their corrresponding sizes , so that size of log files sometime may be a matter of fact. The machine is running with a large amount of physical memory and is 8-proc SPARC- IV so memory and CPU percentage is not a worry, no TCP_WRAPPERS are installed and nothing is to worry about reverse lookups, as all required hosts are mentioned in /etc/hosts file, the system prefers "files" instead of "dns" in /etc/nsswitch.conf file. I have changed from "tcp6" to "tcp" in /etc/inetd.conf against "in.ftpd" , but again I see no differnce. System had a crash around two months ago and the /usr partition got BUS ERRORS during the disk replacement activity. I am sure that I am missing some libraries. Can sombody take a guess what could be the possible reasons for this slowness of in.ftpd via inetd. Regards, Nasir.

Solaris 10 download

Postby robrecc » Thu, 29 Dec 2005 10:59:50 GMT

When I try and download Solaris 10 Sun has some questions that are
required fields but I can seem to get past one question I do not know
the answer that sun is looking for

Registered Licenses used for:

a. *Commercial/Production:
b. *Development:
c. *Education/Research:
d. *Evaluation:
e. *Personal:

What sort of answer is sun looking for me to enter into the text boxes
next to these selections

Re: Solaris 10 download

Postby Wes Williams » Thu, 29 Dec 2005 11:09:30 GMT

Generally a "1" or a "0" if you don't know otherwise.  For example, you 
probably want to use all "0" except in "Personal" or "Evaluation" for 
most home users, but plug your number for anything that applies.

This is another area Sun doesn't make clear is that this is where you 
request a new system license, use all "0" if you have the same 
registered system and just need to re-download the images.

Re: Solaris 10 download

Postby Dave » Thu, 29 Dec 2005 17:14:05 GMT

IIRC you can not choose more than one for each license, which is a bit 
silly, since we often use one machine for more than one use, or change 
the use of a machine.

If you are not sure what you are going to use Solaris for (which is 
quite understandable), ask for a 5 licenses and put one for each use, or 
ask for 15 licenses and put 3 for each. That way, you are covered for 
any possible use. That is what I have done. I have far more licenses 
than machines.

I think I have 15 licenses and only have 2 Suns capable of running 
Solaris 10. So if I buy another Sun, I can still use it for any purpose 
I want.

Dave K


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