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  • 1. Core dump in / when "ls -lt" under Solaris 10 (10/08)
    Hi, On 5 Mrz., 01:11, XXXX@XXXXX.COM wrote: > Hello everyone, > > I just installed the latest version of Solaris 10 (10/08) to our > server. The system booted up ok and I can log on with no issue. > However, when we try to issue "ls -lt" command at the / directory, we > are not getting any output and the prompt just hanged there. his is > very strange since we can do the same "ls -lt" command at any other > directories and get the result. > > Another strange thing is that the "core" dump file is created anytime > we issue the "ls -lt" command in the / directory. hy ? I tried to > fsck the entire root disk but to no avail. > > Anyone knows how to resolve this ? hanks, Bill. ls without any option works? Have you tried to investigate the problem with truss? > > # cd / > # ls -lt > > < just hanged there !!!> > > ^C# > > # ls -lt core > $ ls -lt /core > -rw------- 1 root root 4452190 Mar 19:03 /core file core - reveals which process created the core dump. pstack core - show you the stack strace of the core HTH Ewald
  • 2. blade 2000 - no driver for framebuffer
    Hello, Have just flashed a blade 2000 using a flash that works just fine with blade 100, 150 and 1000. The flash is based on sol 10 U6 full install but without the OEM additional stuff. When the box comes up it says consconfig cannot find driver for screen device /upa@8,4800000/SUNW, XXXX@XXXXX.COM can't find driver for console framebuffer. And obviously I dont get a GUI . Please what can I do to fix this? TIA Syd
  • 3. Looking for information on theory and practice of (mostly SPARC) cd/dvd booting
    For various silly reasons I found myself trying to answer questions about how Solaris - specifically SPARC really - machines boot from CD/ DVD (and again, specifically the Solaris distribution media), and how this has changed over time. Unfortunately although I'm reasonably sure I understood this at some time in the past, and even made notes on it, I seem to have lost them. So, does anyone have pointers to good information on this? I'm particularly interested in - the process from typing "boot cdrom" on a machine - what the secret UFS slices did on CDs and why they are not there on DVDs (if they are not) - when miniroots / ramdisks started being used (which I think is 10u6 for DVD/CD as well as proper disk, but am not sure). Thanks --tim
  • 4. Apache 1.3 segfaults on restart
    I'm using Solaris 10 Sparc with Apache 1.3.41 that comes with it. Apache comes with mod_ssl. Whenever, I try to restart the apache process (apachectl restart), it dumps core. If I start Apache without SSL (apachectl start) then segfault disappears. # adb /usr/apache/bin/httpd /usr/apache/core core file = /usr/apache/core -- program ``/usr/apache/bin/httpd'' on platform SUNW,A70 SIGSEGV: Segmentation Fault $c`SSL_CTX_ctrl+0x148(0, 20, fff, 0, fe932128, 48)`ssl_init_ConfigureServer+0x1fc(c3770, 83f70, 1ee340, 0, 1ee9c8, 0)`ssl_init_Module+0x394(0, 28, 83f70, 1ee340, fe99d924, 98a00) ap_init_modules+0x28(83f70, 83fa8, 7c400, 61000, fe99ae78, fe96de04) 0x2820c(3, 7f398, 1, 0, 8144c, 8) main+0x370(0, 7c400, 81400, 81400, 81400, 81400) _start+0x108(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) Anybody, have this issue? This is a default installation of Apache, mod_ssl and openssl.
  • 5. Can't locate Emulex LP-9802 HBAs after Solaris 10 & Emulex lpfc driver upgrade
    Hello, Our Fujitsu PrimePower 850 server has 7 LP9802 and 1 LP9802-F2 HBAs. We just upgraded the OS from Solaris 8 to Solaris 10 (10/08). Everything went well. Afterwards, we installed the Emulex lpfc 6.11c driver. Surprisingly, we didn't see any of the HBAs via "lputil". Does anyone know the reason why and how we can see all 8 HBAs ? All of the HBAs were visable in Solaris 8 under Emulex lpfc 6.02f driver. Thanks for your assistance. Bill

Solaris-exam related

Postby niraj_vara » Fri, 20 Feb 2009 14:15:10 GMT

Dear All

  I would like to know about solaris exam, like how many questions  ?
how much time ?     how much fees ?   question is optional or what or
practical exam?

Please guide me for the same.

Re: Solaris-exam related

Postby Wolfgang Ley » Fri, 20 Feb 2009 20:40:46 GMT


If you're talking about the Solaris 10 Admin exam then you'll find the
information at the SUN web page:

You need to pass two tests (Part I and II) to get the certificate.
Each test has 60 questions and you've two hours time to answer them.
Questions are multiple choice questions as well as some drag and
drop tasks (e.g. to match words to their correct description etc.).

The test will be done at one of the Prometric test centers and they
use a (non-Solaris) test program for the exam. You're not allowed
to bring anything with you to the test, you won't have access to
a Solaris system during the test and there are no practical admin
tasks which need to be done during the test (only answer the given

According to the web page each test costs 300$.


Re: Solaris-exam related

Postby Colin B. » Sat, 21 Feb 2009 00:43:04 GMT

This brings up an interesting question. Does Sun offer certification in
other languages, or only in english?


Re: Solaris-exam related

Postby Wolfgang Ley » Sat, 21 Feb 2009 04:11:33 GMT



This depends on the certification. For the Solaris 10 System Admin
certification the web page (see previous posting for URL) says:

    * English
    * Japanese
    * Russian


Re: Solaris-exam related

Postby niraj_vara » Sat, 21 Feb 2009 16:35:51 GMT

Thank you very much Wolfgang.

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