[solarisx86] Sun employees blogging about Solaris recently...


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    I am confused on how mailx actually sends mail via SMTP ... and receive the actual mail on Mozilla on windows2000. 1) What confuses me is that I have not told mailx ( or sendmail for that matter ) the IP address or hostname of my ISP's SMTP server... but somehow it did ... but based on the mail headers, it seems that it did not actually forwarded the mail to my ISP's SMTP server, but it seems to have figured out the MX record from the recipient's domain name, and forwarded it straight to the recipient's domain name mail server. Is this correct ? It seems to be the only explanation on how I actually received the e-mail that I sent via mailx, without telling the box the IP address of my ISP's SMTP server. 2) Doesn't mailx rely on a mail delivery agent / or mail transfer agent to actually deliver the mail via SMTP ? ... like sendmail ?
  • 2. tracking a pid
    hi i got an error message that say genunix: [ID 470503 kern.warning] WARNING: Sorry, no swap space to grow stack for pid 19651 (Cgistub) Any ways to track down this pid 19651 as it happens? Enabling BSM would require a restart of my server which is not feasible . can enabling accounting do the job? what other ways can i do it? thanks
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    How to configure iPlanet webservers, iPlanet Directory Servers, iPlanet mail servers. Please give a weblink which explains all these clearly? And which is the site for BEA Weblogic??? Thanks in advance Krishna
  • 4. Old Two Drive Solaris system
    "Steven L. Collins" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes: > Something like: > 1) On the first drive have the main Os files. > 2) On the second drive have my /home to keep my own software that's not >part of the OS. Hey Steven - If it were me I'd use the second drive as a poor-man's mirror of the first drive. The first copy can be done with dd, and successive ones with rsync. You can then use the swap space on the second drive as part of your total swap space. I don't know how much ram you have on your system but it may improve things slightly to have swap space on both "spindles". Your second drive would be bootable in case the first drive fails. You could also alternate OS/home - that is first drive with OS and mirror of home, and second drive with mirror of OS and home. Have fun Mark Hittinger XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Re: [solarisx86] Re: Sun employees blogging about Solaris recently...

Postby Eric Boutilier » Wed, 27 Oct 2004 09:06:43 GMT

[ Cross-posting to comp.unix.solaris ]

Well speaking only from personal experience, I've used bloglines.com
(not a client, but serves the same purpose), and I've briefly tried the
new livelinks feature of Firefox. Also, I just heard that there is a
new integrated RSS feature in Thunderbird.

I'm not a good person to ask though because I'm trying to avoid having
to use an RSS client. (In a perfect world, the only internet clients I
should ever have to use are a browser and text-based e-mail client --
which are currently Firefox and Pine for me). So probably the best
place to ask that question is the Sun JDS forum on supportforum.sun.com.


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