Netra X1 Disk issue?



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    Does anyone know if the software used to generate the OpenSolaris Source Browser website will ever be available for free? I saw in the author's blog that he was looking into open sourcing it but does anyone have more info? Thanks, Mike
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    Hi, How is it possible to find out which individual patches have not been applied and the reason(s) during a recommended patch cluster on Solaris 9 ? Thanks in advance
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    On Solaris versions beyond 7, we always encountered difficulties with the Compose key. Locale is ISO-8859-1 based (en_US, de_DE). We use Sun's "Universal Unix" keyboard rather than a German keyboard for ease of programming but must also input German umlaut and esszet characters (ISO-8859-1: ?. Whereas OpenWindows tools work well, other programs apparently using XInput methods produce bad results (e.g., StarOffice and Mozilla). E.g., the first of the character pair is also shown: Comp " a should become ?but becomes "? Comp s s should become ?but becomes s? In Solaris 8, a workaround was to avoid starting the htt and related daemons by disabling some scripts in /etc/rc2.d. So what would the correct way be to obtain the desired results without deactivating XIM alltogether? How can the compose sequences be configured for ISO-8859-1 (not Asian) locales? P.S.: With the Gnome tools in Solaris 9 and 10 things become worse, giving ? or nothing as results. Also I was not able to set the locale correctly here. In the Java Desktop System of Solaris 10, the gnome-terminal always resetted all LC_... to C, in the Solaris 9 Gnome Desktop, this happened partially. -- Hans Werner Strube strube(@)physik3(.)gwdg(.)de Drittes Physikalisches Institut, Univ. Goettingen Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1, 37077 Goettingen, Germany
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    Hi, Wondered if anyone has any idea of the optimal layout of scsi devices on a Solaris 8 system: Ultra Sparc with additional Ultra scsi PCI card. Internal: 2 x 15K wide ultra drives and 1 x CD-R. External: UniPack with 1 x 15K ultra drive FlexiPack with 1 x DDS-3 tape drive and 1 x CD-RW I believe the scsi bus carrying the internal devices is physically seperate from the ultra scsi connector on the back of the chassis? With the extra ultra scsi PCI card that's three channels in the one machine. I'm a bit confused as to how to arrange the components to optimise performance, particularly with regard to CD burning. Maybve it just doesn't matter on Sparc hardware? Hope the cross-posting is on topic. Thanks.

Re: Netra X1 Disk issue?

Postby macka » Fri, 13 Aug 2004 13:53:18 GMT

If you label it, does it remember drive type or auto configure

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I've solved my "blinking spanner LED" problem, now I have
a brand new 400-MHz Netra that I would like to use to
install Oracle. But I'll need space: I only have a 20-gig
disk, and would like to know what is the simplest manner
to add disk space to this machine (as I said I know *nothing*
about Sun/Solaris configuration, and I wonder if there's a
way to plug a disk to this netra as easily as you plug an
USB external disk box to a PC...).

On the back of this machine I have 4 RJ-45 entries (A LOM,
B SERIAL, NET 0 and NET 1) plus 2 USB ports.

What advice could you please give me ?

Once again thanks for you help,

2.Large IDE disks in a Netra X1

Is there a limit to how large the disks can be in a Netra X1 (possibly
with OBP updates)?  I'm wondering if I could install a couple of
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I know that netra X1s (and other machines with the same IDE chipset I
guess) can only handle 128GB disks. If I put somewhat bigger disks in
it, will it fail altogether, or only see the first 128GB?

Basically, I want to install the largest disks I can, but the ones I
can easily get locally are 160GB.  I can get 120s easily enough, but
I'm lazy so I thought I'd ask.



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I have just got hold of a Sun Netra X1 and would like to install
Solaris 9 (or 10) onto it.

The problem I have is that when I connect to the serial console I get
the LOM prompt alright, but after typing some commands like "help" I
get back scrambled text with some parts recognizable. I am using a
Cisco serial cable which has the same pinout as the sun original cable
(I have also made up a cable as per the Sun spec in the netra manual).

I have also tried connecting to the server via a Linux server, a Sun
Sparstation 5 and a windows laptop (using a variety of software
hyperterm, kermit, etc). All have the same issue.

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Thanks in advance.


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