[solarisx86] New options for reading/tracking Sun-related forums (beta)


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  • 1. connecting to an enterprise 250
    Hi I just bought an enterprise 250 I' ve no Sun keyboard, no OS CDs, the machine was a production one so it was configured with a password, seems to work normally (I guess it from the leds), no video card, the only thing I own is a serial to rj45 connector placed on the serial port that I suppose was used to login. I meant to enter to single user mode so that I could have changed the passwd, unfortunately neither with hyperterminal nor minicom I could get in. Settings was standard 9600 8N1 no flow control. On the laptop side I used the only connector that could fit... a cisco one connected to the laptop serial port through a rj45 cable. My question is simple how can I see the prompt and access to the BIOS? Thanks in advance
  • 2. rdate and firewall
    Hi, i can telnet to port 13 on a machine and see the time but rdate does not work. Doesn't rdate connects to TCP/port 13? Thanks,
  • 3. swapping java SDK versions. right way?
    there's a java that lives in /usr/bin. on my machine, that's version 1.2.2, i think--whatever, they want it updated. is it a good idea to remove the current java packages first? is there a comprehensive way to find out which packages those are, beforehand? assuming i just drop the new one in, will old programs work with the new java SDK? my C programs always survive whatever random upgrade i throw at them, but this is java, and i don't know java. i've downloaded the 32, 64 bit versions of 1.4.2 JDK, in both package and shell archive (i guess) form. presumably, the 64 bit version is enough on a 64 bit machine. i like packages, but i presume there's some reason for a non-packaged version? or did they do that for grins? i'm reluctant to simply overlay-install, because i'm worried (needlessly?) that the ancient cruft from the prior version would either interfere with new version, or befuddle whoever takes the machine over from me. grateful for all replies. thanks in advance. j. -- Jay Scott 512-835-3553 XXXX@XXXXX.COM Head of Sun Support, Sr. Operating Systems Specialist Applied Research Labs, Computer Science Div. S224 University of Texas at Austin
  • 4. newB sol 9 experience / ipf queries
    After upgrading my sparcstation 20 to 128mb ram I cleaned the drive and installed solaris 9 from the free binary program cdroms. This was all downloaded via my i386 router/firewall/gateway box running FreeBSD attached to a 512kbps cable modem. I'm planning on running the sparcstation as a headless alternative to the above - it needs to be a gateway machine for another freebsd desktop and a machine running windows. Also needs to be mailserver (sendmail probably + popper ) and be capable of running mailing list. It currently only has 2gb hard drive so loads of packages needed to be removed during the install but since then I managed to get gcc and the necessary SUNW programming packages up and running. Python is there, mailman has compiled ok but still needs a bit of work (apache cgi probs I think). It has 2 network cards le0 and hme0 set up at prom local-mac-address? true. and I did get it browsing the web using lynx via dhcp on hme0 and ssh into it on le0. That's as far as it goes at the moment because of dhcp related hostname problems. (I want to run something that will update the dynamic ip and a liteweight dns as on the other box). /etc/nsswitch.conf has a hosts: files dns line in it. I'm looking for some good ipf rules that will work from the command line and can then be put in a ipnat.conf file . Any pointers greatly appreciated Angus Claydon

Re: [solarisx86] New options for reading/tracking Sun-related forums (beta)

Postby Eric Boutilier » Mon, 01 Nov 2004 03:41:01 GMT

I agree. new2mail.com also provides this. I tried it for a while (but
with a different newsgroup) and worked fine.


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Today, palowoda wrote:
> --- In  XXXX@XXXXX.COM , Eric Boutilier
> <eric.boutilier@s...> wrote:
> > So you don't have to worry about polling frequency if you're using a
> > good client (or if your fetching script or whatever uses conditional
> GET.)
> >
> Err, what is considered a good or recommended (from Sun) RSS client for
> Solaris to begin with?

Well speaking only from personal experience, I've used bloglines.com
(not a client, but serves the same purpose), and I've briefly tried the
new livelinks feature of Firefox. Also, I just heard that there is a
new integrated RSS feature in Thunderbird.

I'm not a good person to ask though because I'm trying to avoid having
to use an RSS client. (In a perfect world, the only internet clients I
should ever have to use are a browser and text-based e-mail client --
which are currently Firefox and Pine for me). So probably the best
place to ask that question is the Sun JDS forum on supportforum.sun.com.


> ---Bob

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