[solarisx86] New options for reading/tracking Sun-related forums (beta)



  • 1. mandatory locking using umask
    Can anyone tell me how I can set my default file permissions in Solaris so that the mandatory locking permissions bit is always set? I know that I can set this bit using chmod ("chmod +l filename" or "chmod 26*4 filename" where * is set to any value except 1) In other words, if I wanted my default file permissions to be set as if the "chmod 2644 filename" command had been run - how would I do that using umask? The problem arises because umask only takes 3 octal digits as its parameter and I want to influence the 4th digit in chmod using the mask. This problem has me stumped for a while now & I would really appreciate any ideas on how to solve this problem. Is there any other way I can set the default file permissions to be 2644? Thanks in advance, Raman
  • 2. v1280 serail connection to terminal server
    Hello, We have a new v1280 and a lantronix terminal server. We were able to connect v880's to the terminal server, and able to access the console successfully. But we are not successful with the v1280's with the terminal server. We were connecting the serial RJ45 to the terminal server with standard catV ethernet cable. Any clues. thank you, chak maturi

Re: [solarisx86] New options for reading/tracking Sun-related forums (beta)

Postby Eric Boutilier » Mon, 01 Nov 2004 03:41:01 GMT

I agree. new2mail.com also provides this. I tried it for a while (but
with a different newsgroup) and worked fine.


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Today, palowoda wrote:
> --- In  XXXX@XXXXX.COM , Eric Boutilier
> <eric.boutilier@s...> wrote:
> > So you don't have to worry about polling frequency if you're using a
> > good client (or if your fetching script or whatever uses conditional
> GET.)
> >
> Err, what is considered a good or recommended (from Sun) RSS client for
> Solaris to begin with?

Well speaking only from personal experience, I've used bloglines.com
(not a client, but serves the same purpose), and I've briefly tried the
new livelinks feature of Firefox. Also, I just heard that there is a
new integrated RSS feature in Thunderbird.

I'm not a good person to ask though because I'm trying to avoid having
to use an RSS client. (In a perfect world, the only internet clients I
should ever have to use are a browser and text-based e-mail client --
which are currently Firefox and Pine for me). So probably the best
place to ask that question is the Sun JDS forum on supportforum.sun.com.


> ---Bob

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