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  • 1. Useraccount Mangement
    Hi all! I'm upgrading a webserver, (new hardware, new software) the old server have a set of shellscripts that's used for user account management, they do work, and I guess I can port them, but i'm looking for a nicer way of doing this. The Solaris Manegment console offers basically what I want, the problem is that the server (of course) will be locked away so there will be no physical access, and we have no solaris clients avaiable for the people who will add users. (I estimate about 100new accounts every year, and about the same amount removed) So my question is, are there any nice programs that lets you do this, either via a webpage, or some other solution, that runs under windows 2000 or Xp? Any ideas are welcome regards Daniel
  • 2. Question on partitioning a sun machine.
    Hi all, I have a sun machine with the sun solaris OS installed in it.Is it possible to partition the hard drive and install linux in it to allow a dual boot? If yes,could you please tell me which partitioning software to use. Thanks and Regards, Sandeep Madduri.
  • 3. Will changing IP address affect 'rlogin'/'telnet'?
    Currently I have two machines SUNOne and SUNTwo. Their IP addresses are: SUNOne: SUNTwo: So far, I was doing 'rlogin' and 'telnet' from SUNOne to SUNTwo. Now, for some reasons, the IP address of SUNTwo will be changed to Will it be possible to do the 'rlogin' and 'telnet', from SUNOne to SUNTwo, now? If no, what needs to be changed for 'rlogin' and 'telnet' to work?
  • 4. Is Solaris 9 free?
    Hello folks. Can anyone tell me if the free download of Solaris 9 is in fact a disabled form of Solaris in some manner? Sun's site says that this version is for a single processor machine, so I would expect it's disabled (I'm testing a 20 processor machine with it, very old UltraSPARC Enterprise 6000) to only use one processor, but if it's not disabled, then why the heck would they require a license but yet, make it available for free? When I type in uname -X, it reports 20 processors, but when I use the ps command with the flag -P to check which processes are assigned to which processor, all I get are dashes (rather than IDs). Any info appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mark
  • 5. tar --- sun or GNU
    Should I use the GUN tar or the tar that ships with solaris? I found that there are sometimes error's and that the GNU tar should solve this I heard..... is this coorect?

Re: [solarisx86] Sun COO blogs

Postby Rich Teer » Wed, 30 Jun 2004 14:07:49 GMT

Wow - now all we need is Scott to complete the line-up!

PS What's a Yooper?

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Today, palowoda wrote:
> --- In  XXXX@XXXXX.COM , Eric Boutilier
> <eric.boutilier@s...> wrote:
> > So you don't have to worry about polling frequency if you're using a
> > good client (or if your fetching script or whatever uses conditional
> GET.)
> >
> Err, what is considered a good or recommended (from Sun) RSS client for
> Solaris to begin with?

Well speaking only from personal experience, I've used bloglines.com
(not a client, but serves the same purpose), and I've briefly tried the
new livelinks feature of Firefox. Also, I just heard that there is a
new integrated RSS feature in Thunderbird.

I'm not a good person to ask though because I'm trying to avoid having
to use an RSS client. (In a perfect world, the only internet clients I
should ever have to use are a browser and text-based e-mail client --
which are currently Firefox and Pine for me). So probably the best
place to ask that question is the Sun JDS forum on supportforum.sun.com.


> ---Bob

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