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ISO: Help solving sun solaris gnome problem with fonts

Postby Larry W. Virden » Thu, 01 Sep 2005 03:43:00 GMT

A user contacted me about a rather peculiar problem. He is using sparc
solaris 8, with sun's gnome.  When he starts up dtmail (and a few other
apps), the font used is larger than the fonts being used by xterm, etc.

He cannot find anything in his environment that would set the fonts for
dtmail, eclipse, etc. but leave his xterms, etc. alone.

In fact, eclipse is really strange - one of its windows uses the font
he wishes to use (and that show up in xterm), while the rest of the
eclipse windows use the same font as dtmail.

So, I googled this newsgroup's archives, and found lots of people
asking, but few if any real answers to the question "how does one go
about changing the font being used by dtmail".

Has anyone out there ever solved this problem?

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(Any other gui-based browsers (I already use lynx, non-gui),
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to fall...

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