Booting Netra X1 from external USB CD-ROM device



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Booting Netra X1 from external USB CD-ROM device

Postby jmarkotic » Fri, 17 Oct 2003 05:17:30 GMT

I'm planning to purchase Netra X1 from Ebay. Since X1's don't have CD-ROM I
was wondering if it's possible to boot Netra X1 from external USB CD-ROM and
install Solaris from scratch. I've never done solaris install over
network/jumpstart so I don't feel like experimenting now to do it.
I wan't to buy 1RU server for network monitoring programs: netflow, mrtg,
maybe snort for a small network installation. Is there another Sun server in
that price class that would be better suited for purpose ?


Re: Booting Netra X1 from external USB CD-ROM device

Postby Dave A » Fri, 17 Oct 2003 06:35:16 GMT


There are a couple of possibilities here.  First, newer Netra X1's do have a
CD-ROM whereas old ones do not.  Personally, I prefer they don't but t'is
the way it is.

I have tried, and it worked to take a garden variety IDE CD-ROM and plug it
in to the alternate IDE.  Set the jumpers to be a master.  It worked as we
were able to install Solaris 8 with it.

Another alternative is to setup a boot/install server.  I have used
Solaris/Intel to install a Solaris/Sparc and visa-versa.  This has the
advantages of speed and scalability.  If for example you want to install a
new system with customized images it could be done in under 20 minutes per
node with flash images.  HD over 100BT is much faster than CD_ROMs plus you
don't have to worry about being prompted for CD changes.  Under explored
nice touch in many environments.  Read the man pages or the answerbook 2 on
"setup_install_server" and "add_install_client".

If using Solaris 8, be sure to add the Netra drivers to the install tree to
support the dmfe ethernet as I don't believe this ethernet chipset is in the
default install tree for Solaris 8.  If you install with stock Solaris 8
CD-ROMs you will need to add the drivers after install for LOM and the dmfe
drivers.  On newer CD sets this is on the extra driver CD.
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SunOS Release 5.10 Version Generic_118822-25 64-bit
Copyright 1983-2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Use is subject to license terms.
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 \|/   ___   \|/     XXXX@XXXXX.COM     +----- 2048R/38BD6CAB -----+
  @~./'O o`\.~@                            | 02BD EF81 91B3 1B33 64C2 |
 /__( \___/ )__\                           | 3247 6722 7006 38BD 6CAB |
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ok boot cdrom
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SunOS Release 5.8 Version Generic_108528-29 64-bit
Copyright 1983-2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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received the message 'command not recongized'  I can list all the 
commands at the 'lom>' prompt and 'boot' is not listed, only 'bootmode' 
Also if I type the command 'poweron'  the server starts up and does 
nothing else.  I don't know if this server is broken or not. Could 
someone help me with booting this server?  Thanks.


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Of course I cannot see it in probe-scsi or ide, or any other (sifting
usb did not show anythng to probe all usb), however it shows just fine
when I boot into the OS (Sol9) (/dev/dsk/c1t0d0 - as opposed to c0 for

I tried booting off of /pci@1f,0/usb@a/storage@1:0
The way I got this path was playing between devalias and ls...

Well.. it is not working.

I even tried to dd the dvd to c1t2d0s0 (or s2) to see if then I could
trick the os to think it was a CD.. well. sure enough this did not

So I am back to trying USB.. any ideas/suggestions would be greatly
it just does not seem it should ba quite that hard, but of couse SUN
does not support it so I am on my own and hate not knowing how to do

Thx in advance for any ideas.

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