process seems hung while looking for audio device


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process seems hung while looking for audio device

Postby Dennis Clarke » Sat, 22 Nov 2003 04:59:14 GMT

On a Sun Ultra 2 running Sol9 I have a piece of software that seems to hang
while looking for an audio device.  The truss -p pid on the executable
reports :

/1:     ioctl(11, AUDIO_GETINFO, 0x0A086134)            = 0
/1:     ioctl(11, AUDIO_GETINFO, 0x0A086134)            = 0
/1:     ioctl(11, AUDIO_GETINFO, 0x0A086134)            = 0
/1:     ioctl(11, AUDIO_GETINFO, 0x0A086134)            = 0
/1:     ioctl(11, AUDIO_GETINFO, 0x0A086134)            = 0
/1:     ioctl(11, AUDIO_GETINFO, 0x0A086134)            = 0

These lines come out of truss at a terrific rate.  The Audio devices seems
fine to me.  I can play the audio files in /usr/demo/SOUND/sounds by simply
clicking on the file in File Manager.  Seems odd that an audio device would
hang the software.


Re: process seems hung while looking for audio device

Postby Juergen Keil » Sat, 22 Nov 2003 22:37:21 GMT

Dennis Clarke < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes:

Is that an application that tries to record audio, or does it try to
playback something?

If it tries to play something, did it ever write to the file
descriptor 11, before it started with these AUDIO_GETINFO ioctls ?

My guess would be, that the application could be monitoring the
play.samples or play.eof member of the audio_info_t obtained by the
AUDIO_GETINFO ioctl, trying to to find out about the progress of the
active playback.

Btw. you may want to run "sdtaudiocontol", View -> Status... 
while you try your audio application.

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