Troubleshooting a Netra X1



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Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby Sean » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 05:35:11 GMT

LOMlite starting up.

CPU type: H8/3437S, mode 3
Ram-test: 2048 bytes OK
Initialising i2c bus: OK
Searching for EEPROMs: 50(cfg)
I2c eeprom @50: OK
i2c bus speed code 01... OK
Probing for lm80s: none
Probing for lm75s: 48
Initialising lm75 @48: OK
System functions: PSUs fans breakers rails gpio temps host CLI ebus clock
Power restored

LOMlite console
LOM event: +0h0m0s LOM booted
LOM event: +0h0m0s host power on


LOM event: +0h1m12s host power off

Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby CJT » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 05:46:27 GMT

so what's your question?

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Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby Sean » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 06:03:48 GMT

Based on this output, is there something wrong with this Netra X1 or am 
I doing something wrong?  How do you boot from a CDROM drive? or a Netboot?


Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby tunla » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 06:28:33 GMT

Maybe you should type

console [ENTER]

Read this  PDF's  first Chapter
Managing the Netra X1 Server From the lom> Prompt



Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby Sean » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 06:44:34 GMT

I have tried that command.  I get "system is in standby mode"

If I type 'poweron' I can hear the powersupply fan and that's it.


Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby Dan Foster » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 06:58:40 GMT

At the lom prompt, do this instead:

lom> poweroff

Wait 5-10 seconds.

lom> poweron

And let it sit for a few minutes. No need to physically push the power
button as you can remotely manage the system via LOM.

Do you see anything like this, anywhere?

LOM event: +0h3m52s overheat sensor 1 FATAL FAULT: overheat - shutdown req'd
LOM event: +0h3m52s host power on
LOM event: +0h3m52s Fault LED 3Hz
LOM event: +0h3m53s overheat sensor 1 no overheat

LOM event: +0h3m58s host power off

The reason why I ask is because the X1 is infamous for having a failed
temperature overheat sensor which is enclosed in the PSU. If you have a
failed temp overheat sensor, you're going to have to somehow find a new
Netra X1 PSU -- loads of fun there.

If you don't see these exact messages, then it's probably not the
infamous temp sensor overheat problem.

If you still aren't getting anywhere... then try:

<press enter key once>
<press #. keys>
lom> bootmode forth
lom> reset

...and see if you eventually get dropped into the OpenBoot PROM (OBP)'s
ok prompt.

If you get that far, you can boot off a CDROM by doing 'boot cdrom', or
off the network by doing 'boot net'.


Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby Sean » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 07:23:05 GMT


Thank you for your response.  I don't believe I've seen the error 
messages about the PSU.  I also tried the other set of instructions and 
I still have got the OBP prompt.  I can type the 'bootmode forth'
command but when I type 'reset' I get 'system in standby mode'

There is a SCC card inserted.  When I remove it then I get the error 
message that the card has been removed.  Other than that, there is not 
much I can do outside of the LOM.  I hope this helps.  Thanks for your 
help.  This is first Sun hardware I have ever own.  Just wanted to see 
how it works.


Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby CJT » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 10:20:32 GMT

A good first step would be to go to and RTFM, particularly
the introductory stuff about LOM.  If you truly have the OBP prompt (not
to be confused with the LOM prompt), then you should be able to boot up
(unless the disk has been wiped, in which case you should still be able
to boot net after first setting up a boot server).

Nothing you've said gives me any reason to believe the hardware is
faulty, but I suspect you don't have an OS on the disk.

An X1 would not be my first choice of system to cut my teeth on, because
of its lack of a normal framebuffer/keyboard console.  You might do
better to sell it (to me, e.g.  :-)  ) and get a more regular desktop
type Sun like an Ultra 10, which might be similarly priced.

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Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby Sean » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 12:43:38 GMT

Mr. CTJ,

RTFM huh? I RTFM BEFORE I got the server. I've used Goggle.  I took 
notes and tried the commands, it hasn't worked.  I know what the LOM 
prompt and the OBP prompt look like.  Which is why I'm wondering if this 
Netra is bad. I didn't pay for it, I got it because someone I knew 
didn't know how to test it.  Seeing as how I never paid for this server 
it's not a total lost to me if it doesn't work I have another Sun server 
to work on.

I'm only trying to install a OS on it that's why I am hoping to boot to 
a CDROM.  Or at least to troubleshoot the server and learn about Sun 

I thought I could come to this newsgroup and ask for help.  It's people 
like you and you {*filter*} comments that making this fustrating.  Others 
have offered advice and have emailed me directly and I thank them. You 
don't even know me and you are posting smart-ass comments towards me. 
All I am asking for is a little help.  If it was the other way around I 
wouldn't be a smart ass like you.

I don't want to start a flame war, I just want to learn about Sun 
hardware. If you are want to help then I would apperciate it. If you 
want to be a smartass then keep you comments to yourself.  I know these 
newsgroups gets flooded with newbie questions.  I posted my stuff 
because I want help on what to do when it doesn't work like the manual 

Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby Michael Vilain » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 17:57:08 GMT

n article <KL2sf.37041$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,
Sean < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:

I think you need to grow more skin. You'd never survive posting
something newbie-ish in the perl groups. I will say that attacking
people trying to help you will only get you plonked.

Your reaction to the recommendations and frustration with this seem to
limit our (and your options). I've seen plenty of

"Try this"
"That doesn't work"
"OK, try this"
"That doesn't work either"

in this thread.

Either your system is really busted quite badly and you need to replace
it's innards or this is a "I need a 710 under my hood. It fell off and
needs to be replaced." problem:

It's your call if you want to pursue help via this newsgroup which only
seems to be pissing you (and us) off or hire someone or take it to a SUN
reseller to find out if it's really working or just a bunch of parts now.

DeeDee, don't press that button! DeeDee! NO! Dee...

Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby Frank Fegert » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 19:18:55 GMT

Obviously not, and google isn't the right place to look.
Why not use Please read this:


Especially chapter 6 and/or page 29. Page 52 may also be
interesting, if the previous owner seperated the console
from the lom.



Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby tmp123 » Wed, 28 Dec 2005 20:17:29 GMT


Could you post the eeprom parameter values? 

Kidn regards.

Re: Troubleshooting a Netra X1

Postby Sean » Thu, 29 Dec 2005 05:59:47 GMT


I am sorry about my posts.  I have a printout of that PDF that you 
sugested and I did read it.  I must have missed something.  Sorry for 
bothering everybody.


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