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  • 1. Comment on Fujitsu PrimePower server
    Anyone out there using Fujitsu PrimePower server, e.g., 650 or 850 ? We plan to run the following at the server which is currently running Solaris 10 O.S. (01/06) - Oracle 10G - Veritas Storage Founation 4.1 - Websphere 6.0 We'd like to hear comments about the Fujitsu server and pros/cons of running the above there. Thanks, Bill
  • 2. anyone upgrade solaris 9->10 while running oracle?
    i have a machine running oracle 9, solaris 9. has anyone upgraded solaris to 9 while running oracle (and app server, and this, and that, and the other...)? normally, of course, this is trivial. but oracle behaves pathologically under the slightest provocation. j. -- Jay Scott 512-835-3553 XXXX@XXXXX.COM Head of Sun Support, Sr. Operating Systems Specialist Applied Research Labs, Computer Science Div. S224 University of Texas at Austin
  • 3. Problems removing package SUNWsndm{u,r} from Solaris10/Opteron server.
    # svcadm disable svc:/network/smtp:sendmail # pkgrm SUNWsndmu <...> lots of output, completes successfully # pkgrm SUNWsndmr <...> ## Removing pathnames in class <sendmail> ## Removing pathnames in class <renameold> ## Removing pathnames in class <manifest> svc:/network/smtp:sendmail remains enabled; aborting pkgrm: ERROR: class action script did not complete successfully Removal of <SUNWsndmr> failed. # What did we miss ? # svcs -D sendmail STATE STIME FMRI online Mar_27 svc:/milestone/multi-user:default but we feel a bit uncomfortable disabling this one... Eric.
  • 4. I got a problem about nfs.(I am new here, hello to everyone)
    when using solaris, some msg as follow: /usr/lib/nfs/nfsd [uid]: unable to register with kernel rpc: Transport endpoint is not connected. what's the problem?
  • 5. Memory Statistics - Kernel Tuning for File Cache?
    Marc La Senne wrote: > Hi, > > freemem and physmem are in the module unix/system_pages > I think what you see is not MB but pages > on a SunOS system page size is 8Kbits > > on a 2048MB server I have: > > root# kstat|grep physmem > physmem 258356 > root# kstat|grep freemem > freemem 5916 > root# prtconf | awk '/^Memory/ {print $3}' > 2048 > root# top -n|grep Memory > Memory: 2048M real, 49M free, 481M swap in use, 3618M swap free > > Any suggestions to tune Solaris to use the majority of my RAM as a file cache and otherwise avoid swap as most desktop Linux distros seem tuned for? My web searches on the topic only resulted in very technical stuff I'm not sure I want to tinker with or only talk about network tuning. A simple concise recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Current stats below on S10u1 x86 W2100z workstation w/ JDS and about 15 user apps. up: -bash-3.00 $ Memory: 6143 real, 4993M free, 647 swap in use, 16G swap free I know I've over allocated swap, but I shouldn't be using it at all with that much RAM. My prior experience with Ubuntu Linux seemed to maximize my RAM quite well for desktop use. Thanks!

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