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Solaris 10 06/06 x86/x64 - Boot Messages

Postby michael » Thu, 07 Sep 2006 04:46:11 GMT

Hello all,

I have a new Solaris 10 06/06 installation on an AMD Athlon 64
and I'm seeing some odd messages in syslog.

Can anyone out there tell me what these messages mean?

Aug 29 22:22:36 mm001 pcplusmp: [ID 658230] 
NOTICE: apic: local nmi: 0 1 1 1
Aug 29 22:22:36 mm001 pcplusmp: [ID 658230] 
NOTICE: apic: local nmi: 1 1 1 1

The system has four (4) PATA 320GB drives in it.  Each drive that is
configured reports the following message.  Any ideas as to what it means?

Aug 29 22:22:44 mm001 genunix: [ID 228648] 
ata_set_feature: (0x66,0x0) failed

And the biggie... 
I get 4 lines that report this...

Aug 29 22:23:04 mm001 genunix: [ID 386595 kern.notice] 
ata_id_common: BUSY status 0xfe error 0x0

It appears as though when the system is booting, whenever this 
message comes up, the whole system is{*filter*}.  Like it is waiting 
on something and then gets one of these messages.  It seems to 
affect any related disk activity... meaning, I/O seems to pause 
until these messages appear and then booting seems to continue.

Any ideas?

Thanks to all in advance!

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 # uname -a
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                       Solaris 10 6/06 s10s_u2wos_09a SPARC
           Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
                        Use is subject to license terms.
                             Assembled 09 June 2006
# showrev -p

Can anyone inform what I am reading under showrev -p?
Patch: 120099-03 Obsoletes:  Requires:  Incompatibles:  Packages:
Patch: 122513-01 Obsoletes: 122328-01 Requires:  Incompatibles:
Packages: SUNWcsu
# pkginfo SUNWapbas
APOC        SUNWapbas Sun Java(tm) Desktop System Configuration Shared

My / partition is filling up after the upgrade I want to delete old
stuff that are no longer needed.

I went into smc>system configuration>patches
-It has alot of patch-id under "installed patches" and another column
shows "description" but under it shows as "not available". Is it safe
to delete these?


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