Rander data grid as Div on run time



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Rander data grid as Div on run time

Postby neeraj » Wed, 31 Jan 2007 22:51:41 GMT

Hi all,

	Can its possible in asp.net application, whenever data grid render in 
page on run time its render as "HTML DIV Base lay out". Not as "HTML 
table layout".


Re: Rander data grid as Div on run time

Postby Patrice » Wed, 31 Jan 2007 23:30:03 GMT

AFAIK no though an "adapter" could perhaps allow to customize the markup 
(not sure but heard that you can plug in some code to customize the 
rendering based on the borwser for examples, you could perhaps do the same 
witht the grid, see for example the CSS adapters).

But first keep in mind that TABLEs are not to avoid at all cost. They are 
most often not considered to be used as a tool for "general" layout but if 
you have tabular data such as for a grid of data this is still the more 
appropriate markup.

(or elaborate a bit on the problem you are trying to solve).



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