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search for category in Outlook contact with multiple categories

Postby adamscentral92 » Thu, 22 Dec 2005 00:43:03 GMT

How do I search for one category that is in the middle of multiple
categories?  LA,Chicago,NY

How do I search for Chicago?


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Can anyone tell me how to search for multiple categories in Outlook 2007.

Previously all I had to do was enter the category into the find field, 
separating them with a comma if I wanted to widen the search!


2.Search For One Category In A Field That Has Multiple Categories

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I have a lot of emails that have been given multiple categories - company 
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I want to be able to pull together mail items that are categorised as being 
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I've tried using a custom search folder but when I do that, it returns all 
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Is this possible?

4.Multiple Category Problem - Several Categories Treated as One

I have seen several references to this problem in the archives.  The
problem occurs where a contact has been assigned to more than one
category.  Typically, in the category window on the contact's
individual page, each category will be separated by a comma and a
space.  When the problem occurs, there is only the comma separting
categories, no space.  The effect of this is that when one does a view
of one's contacts by category, you don't get all of one category in a
single list.  For example you might get a list for Accountants, another
for Accountants,Manufacturing, another for Accountants,Service Industry
and so on.  If you are looking up Accountants, you have to go to many
individual lists to see them all.

I think Judy Gleeson MVP came closest to the cause on a Sept/06 post
when she said, "I have narrowed the problem down to Blackberry's.  This
issue only appears on PC's where Outlook is synced with a blackberry.
During the sync a flag is thrown about categories. All the users didn't
pay attention to it and just accepted it. Apparently the blackberry
doesn't know how to handle categories and during a sync operation it
strips the spaces away from the categories and leaves the categories
separated by only a comma. This in turn updates Outlook and leaves it
in a "broken" state. I am going to follow up with Blackberry."

I do use a blackberry so this makes sense to me.  My question to Judy
is, what happened and do we have a resolution?

5.Category sort gets changed when adding category to multiple contac

If I choose multiple contacts to add or change a category to all of them for 
some odd reason it unalphabetizes the categories in each contact.  For 
instance, if I have a contact with categories: Associate, CE Invites, HR 
Committee and I add a category named Sponsor04 to this contact along with 
multiple others at once it unalphabetizes all of the categories in each 

I have tried selecting all of the same contacts and choosing Categories and 
then just clicking okay but it does not realphabetize them.  I have to go 
into every contact separately and go into categories and click okay on each 
one separately.

Please tell me there is another way around this??

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