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  • 1. difference of ArrayList and collection?
    (as subject)
  • 2. Array.Copy and Multi-dimensional arrays...
    I have a requirement to search a multi-dimensional array for an item, then delete the item and "reset" the array so that their are no gaps in the resulting array. I have been trying to figure out how to use the Array.Copy method to accomplish this but it seems to only work for single dimension arrays. Here is a code sample: 'dim arrTest(600,3) as string 'Actual array dimension needed dim arrTest(600) as string 'Used only in this test dim intIndex as Integer dim randomNum as New Random() 'Get random index into array for delete test intIndex = random.Next(0, UBound(arrTest)) 'Shifts elements from arrTest(intIndex + 1) to arrTest(intIndex) Array.Copy(arrTest, intIndex + 1, arrTest, intIndex, UBound(arrTest) - 1) 'Clears the last element arrTest.Clear(arrTest, arrTest.GetUpperBound(0), 1) Any idea on how to modify this code or let me know a better approach to doing this for a multidimensional array? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, So far, I've found tons of documents describing recommended coding standards for C#, but not a single piece on VB.NET yet. Anybody here knows such a coding standards guideline on VB.NET and minds sharing with us ? Thanks in advance. Dotnetjunky

Santa Monica Lockout Services Home Auto Car Lock Out Service 1-310-925-1720

Postby lifeine » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 03:46:03 GMT

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