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Postby Clas Hortien » Fri, 04 Jun 2004 20:05:24 GMT


is there a better way to pass the password to a 
running runas process than using appactivate and sendkeys ?

sub ShellRunas(sCmd, sPw, iStyle)
  Dim oShell
  Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") sCmd, iStyle, false
  do while not oShell.AppActivate("runas.exe") 
  	call wait(100)
  oShell.SendKeys sPw & "~"
  call WaitUntilFileOrSec(sOutFile,10)
  set oShell = Nothing
end sub

The AppActivate dosn't work properly everytime. 
It happens that the Application isn't activated.

Best Regards


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Re: Runas

Postby Torgeir Bakken (MVP) » Fri, 04 Jun 2004 23:07:12 GMT


You might get something to work using a Runas wrapper utility or similar,
take a look here:


torgeir, Microsoft MVP Scripting and WMI, Porsgrunn Norway
Administration scripting examples and an ONLINE version of
the 1328 page Scripting Guide:

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Thanks for help in advance!

Best regards

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line text and hitting ENTER, you're then asked for the password.  RUNAS's
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MyDomain\MyUsername:RUNAS ERROR: Unable to change echo mode"
Dim p As New Process()
Dim psi As New ProcessStartInfo("C:\WINNT\system32\runas.exe", _
"/profile /user:MyDomain\MyUsername " & """" & "c:\winnt\system32\xcopy.exe
/V /Y C:\MyFile.txt \\MyServer\MyShare\SomeFolder" & """")

psi.UseShellExecute = False
psi.RedirectStandardInput = True
psi.RedirectStandardOutput = True
psi.RedirectStandardError = True
psi.CreateNoWindow = True
p.StartInfo = psi
p.StandardInput.AutoFlush = True
p = Nothing



I work for a company where the server administrators have two login ID's. 
One without admin right that we use to log into our workstations and one with 
admin rights that we use to for server administration. A co-worker and I put 
together an app in VB.Net that lets us click a button to do things that 
require admin rights like opening certain applications. We use runas to open 
the app with our admin id's and then any option we select opens using the 
admin credentials. Everything works fine with the exception of opening a UNC 

process.start(explorer, "\\server\share")        'does nothing

process.start("\\server\share")     'will open the UNC path, but not with 
the administrative credentials that the app runs under. We are prompted for 
credentials and when we enter the id and password that the app runs under the 
path is opened no problem. 

Has anyone seen this problem before, or have any suggestions?



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