LPtoDP(...) and CreatePolygonRgn(...)



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LPtoDP(...) and CreatePolygonRgn(...)

Postby Simon » Sun, 03 Jul 2005 23:16:33 GMT


I have a problem with an image I am trying to draw on the screen.

I use CreatePolygonRgn(...) to draw an image on the screen.

I calculate my polygon and use CDC::Polygon(...) to make sure that it looks
ok, (and it does:))

To use CreatePolygonRgn(...) I have to call LPtoDP(...), but for some reason
some points get converted to -1, -1.
At first I thought it was because they were outside the screen, but after a
quick check none of them are outside.

So, how can I draw a bitmap inside a poly-region?
Can I use CreatePolygonRgn(...) without having to first call LPtoDP(...)?

Many thanks


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1.in OnDrawAdvanced, if (!bMetafile) LPtoDP

there is part of code about normalizing DC i don't understand:

inline HRESULT CComControlBase::OnDrawAdvanced(ATL_DRAWINFO& di)
BOOL bMetafile = GetDeviceCaps(di.hdcDraw, TECHNOLOGY) == DT_METAFILE;//case 46
if (!bMetafile)
::LPtoDP(di.hdcDraw, (LPPOINT)&rectBoundsDP, 2);

what does it mean?
isn't the di.prcBounds passed in already in Device unit?
and why it's no need to normalize DC if bMetafile is TRUE?


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