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  • 1. Disable long name preservation for old programs
    Hi, How can I programatically disable long name preservation for old programs? Pls send also to my email. TIA, Harvey
  • 2. AfxMessageBox problem in Windows 98?
    I have this strange problem. I developed an application in Windows 2000 where you enter some data in a editbox and then press enter and if it is the wrong data a message box pops up with a message. This works fine in Windows 2000, but in Windows 98 the message box does not popup and there is no error reported. I have never had this problem before and the message boxes have always worked just fine when going from Windows 2000 to Windows 98. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Roger

Help files

Postby Ed » Sun, 26 Mar 2006 06:22:22 GMT

How and where do I create a help fie for use with the context help ? symbol 
you can add to mainframe upper right and what kind of file is it.

Also when I hit the F1 key while my app is running I get the following 

Cannot find the file C:\Projects\Myproject\Release\Myproject.HLP file. Do 
you want to try to find this file by yourself?

How do I create this file and what kind of file is it?


Re: Help files

Postby Ajay Kalra » Sun, 26 Mar 2006 06:34:28 GMT

Look here:


Ajay Kalra

Help Files

Postby lee coleman » Sat, 29 Sep 2007 23:02:58 GMT

I created an MFC application 2 years ago with help integrated.  Now I'm 
trying to setup the help files, and when I hit F1 I get this error "Failed 
to launch help".  When I go to the help tab at the top of my screen, and 
click the help button the help file opens normally.  I looked at my output 
window in Visual Studio, and this error was coming up "HtmlHelp: pszHelpFile 
= 'c:\wspace\Projects\MDAF\Code\MDAF\MDAE\Debug\MDAE.CHM', dwData: $2006d, 
fuCommand: 15.".  The path that's shown there is the correct path.  I even 
went into the de{*filter*} just to make sure that the path was there on 
initialization.  It of course was.  I tried running the help file by itself, 
and it worked fine.  In fact the help file has never been modified.  It's 
the default help file.  By the way the EnableHTMLHelp() function was where 
it's supposed to be.  I'm sort of lost at where to go here.  I hope that 
described the issue well enough.  Thanks for the help in advance! 

Re: Help Files

Postby Tom Serface » Sun, 30 Sep 2007 02:39:12 GMT

You could look at the accelerator table and see what is defined for F1. 
Also, it could be that another window (view for example) is grabbing the 
keystroke and you may need to pass it on.


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