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    I have two adapters on my host pc but when trying to change a setting to a virtual pc I see only one. I've checked and turned on the virtualpc protocol on the adapter, yet I don't see it. Help!!!
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    Okay, this is probably one of those "duh-h" questions, but here's the deal: I'm running Win XP Home, with NTSF on two physical hard drives. I used Partition Magic to split the second hard drive into two virtual drives, one of which was converted to FAT 32. So far, so good. Then I created a new Virtual PC on the FAT 32 drive and attempted to install Win ME. No go, and here's the message I get: "Cannot create a temporary directory. If you have HPFS or NTFS installed on your hard drive, you will need to create an MS-DOS boot partition to set up Windows." So does this mean I have to create yet another partition, or do I need to do something to the FAT 32 partition to make the whole thing work? Help!
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    I am running a Windows Small Business Server 2003 and need to also have an employee use it from time to time as a workstation. However, I don't want them on the actual server OS. Does anyone know if using Virtual PC on a Server Platform is supported and has anyone ever attemped to do so?
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    It seems that Virtual PC has not got any USB ports. This does seem a bit of an omission. Presumably there is some technical reason for this. Can anyone tell me why? Peter Harris
  • 5. import existing .vhd files of ver 5.x to ver 2004 that recognises only .vmc
    is that possiple ?

Processor usage

Postby Jason » Wed, 07 Apr 2004 07:31:37 GMT

my 1.5P M processor seems very inadiquite to run my V pc. 
I Have my options set to all Vpc get equal time but I only 
run one at a time. I have assigned 1500MB or ram to this 
machine is there any settings I am missing??

Re: Processor usage

Postby Scott Baker » Wed, 07 Apr 2004 07:44:37 GMT

Make sure you set it to run Virtual PC at maximum speed. 
If you don't, when the VM window goes inactive, the Host 
will get most of the processor time back.

Since you have a Mobile processor, maybe check your 
system configuration to make sure that it doesn't slow 
down to conserve power.



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