VPC 2007 and PC DOS 2000 (CD/DVD drive not recognized by DOS VM)

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    Hi, I just attended the PDC05 and get the "Goods", including the Windows Vista Beta 2. I'm trying to install it using Virtual PC 2004 and took me several hours, unfortunately unsuccessful. I tried to consult the matter with the virtual_pc_guy at the Big Hall area and told me that there are issues. Now, I read some blog/wiki that there has been a vmadditions.iso that we can use with VPC 2004 to work with Vista. Can you help me on how to use it step by step? Thanks
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Re: VPC 2007 and PC DOS 2000 (CD/DVD drive not recognized by DOS VM)

Postby Mark Rae [MVP] » Thu, 27 Aug 2009 08:46:58 GMT

1) Virtual PC emulates a CD reader - like all other emulated hardware, it 
makes no difference what devices the host machine actually has...

2) Have you installed the DOS CD drivers in CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT...?

Mark Rae

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1.VPC 2007 and PC DOS 2000 (CD/DVD drive not recognized by DOS VM)

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I have a DOS 6.22 installation on VPC 2007. I have manually loaded the
DOS Additions and shared folders is working great but I am having
trouble with the CDROM.

device=C:\VMADD\cdrom.sys /D:idecd001

mscdex /D:idecd001 /L:E

The drivers load fine and work fine when I attach the physical hard
drive. However, when I attach an ISO CD image I can browse all the
folders but cannot access anything. I can use DIR and see files and
even use CD to change directories. If I try to access anything it
tells me it does not exist (file not found).

Has anyone run into this before?


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How do I get DOS 6.2 & Win 3.1 to recognize the CD drive?  Normally with 
these OS's one would install drivers for the CD drive that load during the 
boot process.  However, even with a readable CD in the drive, and specifying 
the VPC for this installation to use the physical drive, when I reboot the 
VPC, the drive spins up, but when DOS tries to load the driver (MSCDEX.EXE 
/D:MSCD001 /V /M:15), I get an error message that the drive cannot be 


4.VM additions in dos VPC - not working

 	Having installed Virt pc on trial, dos 6.22 win3.11 I find the CPU is 100%
and the application hangs, pity as it does what I want in 3.11. Anyway some
threads suggest SP1 or VM additions (is VM additions within SP1?) so I try to
install SP1 - it wont proceed, as the pop up box says as there is another VPC
install cant go ahead, please remove VPC and start again. So I try and then
it says cant install SP1 as there is no VPC on the computer. Where do I go
from here?

Please note I can find DOS drivers for my laptop CD so do I have to add
via host OS.

PS - I am wasting my time and is VPC not really capable of DOS? 

5.VPC 2007 support for Win98se Dos Window

Don't make assumptions about pre-release software.  I recommend that you 
uninstall and reinstall VPC to ensure that all the bits are refreshed.  I 
found a couple of issues on one box by upgrading and not removing first.

"Wesley" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> My host is a 3.4 GHz P4 WinXP. I have installed a Win98se VPC 2004 SP1 
> with
> machine additions from VS 2005 R2.
> 1. The release notes for VPC 2007 indicate that the "DOS Virtual Machine
> Additions.vfdis not supplied. The guest VPC boots with Win98se and 
>> machine
>> additions. The VPC then exits into a "Dos Mode" Window with cdrom.sys and
>> fshare.exe after which a extended DOS program is loaded. Will the VPC 2004
>> SP1 machine additions cdrom.sys and fshare.exe run in a VPC 2007, Win98se 
>> Dos
>> Mode Window?
>> 2. I have downloaded the folder "Virtual PC 2007 Release Candidate 
>> (32-bit)"
>> After I install VPC 2007 on my system, I assume that it will overwrite the
>> files in the "Microsoft Virtual PC" directory. My original install of VPC
>> 2004 was upgraded with the use of the download "VPC2004SP1Update.zip". If 
>> I
>> need to go back to VPC 2004 SP1, can I simply run the 
>> "VPC2004SP1Update.zip"
>> file that I previously saved on my system or do I need "Virtual PC 2004
>> SP1.zip"?
>> -- 
>> Wesley 

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