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    (BTW, I still can't get into safe mode; still freezes at mup.sys; asked again in performance NG). I have this logfile in my C: directory: caisslog.txt It purports to be from PestPatrol and contains this key: EHX8Y-ECYXL-XY1ML-4IGKW. Odd, since I've never had a key for PP! Is this a sign of nefarious activity? PS: Where can I DL HIJACKTHIS and what NG do I posts the results in? Thanks, guys. *rain.drops*
  • 2. Can't boot to safe mode
    I use AVG. It said my MCE 2005/XP system was clean. But online Trend Micro found a worm. Mr. Lipman told me to DL some other virus scanners and run them in safe mode. Problem: I cannot get to safe mode. I can choose safe mode, and then the list of files runs, but it freezes when it reaches loading System Drivers "MUP.SYS" There''s a message to hit escape to skip loading MUP -- but it freezes anyway. It has stayed frozed for four hours. How can I get into safe mode to run these other programs? (PS: I posted this to Mr. Lipman a couple of weeks ago in my thread, but still no response.) PLEASE SOMEBODY! HOW can I boot into SAFE MODE? Thank you -- *rain*drops*
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  • 4. NMain.exe-Application Error,failed to initialize properly(0xc00000
    How can this error message be repaired from norton internet security 2006 running xp service pack 2. This was after running a live update, there are 4 users on this pc of which only one can use norton, the other three now no longer have the norton program available. Have tried uninstalling and running live update but the problem is still there. Can the NMain.exe file be deleted from the norton folder safely and will it fix the problem upon a restart and reinstall?
  • 5. Winantivirus Pro 2007
    Yesterday, I had a pop-up ad saying I could download a free update of anti-virus from Internet Explorer. I tried to delete it, but it downloaded anyway, and with it came three different viruses - trojan.vundo, downloader and infostealer, along with some intrusive adware - adserver.softwareonline.com. My wonderful Norton product could not get rid of them, so I deleted my Norton Security software and downloaded Windows Live OneCare. It has managed to clean the viruses from my system. I actually also downloaded Internet Explorer 7 again and replaced the version 7 I already had on my pc. However, I am still getting pop-up ads from a group called "Winsoftware Corp., urging me to download for free, either "Winantispyware" or "WinantivirusPro2007freeinstall.cab". It is difficult to delete the screen withought activating the download, and fortunately LiveOneCare catches the adware immediately and cleans it from my pc. In fact the only way I could get rid of the pop-up without downloading it was to use Windows Task Manager and end the task that way. LiveOneCare is also blocking a program called "backweb-137903.exe.", and I have left it being blocked, as I have no idea what it is. -- Diego G.

Spybot - Win.ini In Use

Postby pfeif4 » Thu, 28 Oct 2004 07:40:18 GMT

Any ideas why Spybot errors on the win.ini file being in use?  The
file is available before spybot runs and then gets locked until I
close spybot.


Re: Spybot - Win.ini In Use

Postby David H. Lipman » Thu, 28 Oct 2004 07:48:18 GMT

The file handle is open by spybot.  Not a problem.  If you are using win9x/ME then
modifications to WIN.INI can be used to load infectors.


| Any ideas why Spybot errors on the win.ini file being in use?  The
| file is available before spybot runs and then gets locked until I
| close spybot.
| Thanks,
| Mark

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