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  • 1. Stubborn Trojan!
    I have a fairly virulent virus on my PC (using Windows XP). When I Google something in any browser and click on a link. Very often it automatically redirects to a shopping or marketing type spam page. It's not a popup; just a regular page. And hitting the back button usually accomplishes nothing. Here are some interesting aspects of this trojan. 1. Ad-Aware usually finds some spyware and removes it. (Spybot and Malware find nothing.) But if you then launch a browser, it immediately starts happening again. And yes, I've run Ad-Aware in safe mode. Run Ad-Aware immediately after lauching the browser, and it finds the spyware again. 2. Googling for "HijackThis" or "McAfee" causes any browser to immediately quit; ditto looking for McAfee's website in the URL field. 3. I was able to DL a trial copy of McAfee to my hard drive, but it will not run. Any ideas on how to defeat this trojan are highly appreciated. Thanks!
  • 2. Slow IE and FF?
    Hello, I just started to get very slow speeds (several minutes) when using IE6, FF2.0, and Filezilla FTP. So my Web access is really slow but email and OE6 Newsreader seems OK. I ran Adaware, SpyBot, and Super Antispyware plus AVG with no problems showing. Does anyone have an idea what I might do for checking a Web slow down but not an Internet in general slowdown? Thanks, Bob
  • 3. Not a valid win32 application
    Unable to run any tools...getting an error "not a valid win32 application" any ideas/...doesnt have any symptoms of infection.... is it caused by somekind of trojan? raV
  • 4. New popup keeps appearing.
    I have WindowsXP pro. When the computer in cold booted I get a repetitive popup telling me of a "New Instance of Microsoft Script Editor" with the option to "Do You Want to Debug using the Selected Debugger?" When I cancel this it keeps popping up for three times. This problem occurred all at once. Please help, Frank.
  • 5. Trojan Exploit.yim.CYFT
    How do I delete this from my computer. My windows security was up to date, McAfee caught this, but can't delete it. Quarantined it. Now my internet service is irradicate. Can someone explain step by step what to do? Running windows xp, with spybot, McAfee, windows defender. -- diaperdi

ANN: C# Online.NET

Postby Press Relations » Wed, 10 May 2006 22:13:52 GMT


First Wiki-based Online C# and .NET Reference at C# Online.NET

Dallas, TX A new concept in online references for Microsoft .NET
programming languages is being pioneered by C# Online.NET new
wiki-based, online C# and .NET reference. C# Online.NET offers
documentation, tutorials, and C# source code examples for .NET
languages beginning with the C# language. ompared to Java,says
Will Wagers, founder of C# Online.NET, here is a dearth of online C#

C# Online.NET is enlisting the aid of volunteer contributors to write
articles, tutorials, and C# code snippets (ready-to-use fragments of
C# source code). Offerings will target all C# programmers and
developers from beginner to architect. Wiki software allows virtually
anyone with an Internet connection to edit, view, and write
documentation using their Web browser. he advantage of using open
source wiki software is that we can harness the energies of C#
developers worldwide to create a mega-resource for the C# community.


C# Online.NET
Volunteer:   XXXX@XXXXX.COM 
Press:         XXXX@XXXXX.COM 
Web site:    http://www.**--****.com/ 

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