Please Help, what is this???



  • 1. runtime error
    hi. when i log in to internet and it show c:\programfile\internet explorer\iexplore.exe runtime error. and it return to windows, can anybody help me to solve this problem thanks.
  • 2. DR Watson??
    not sure what this is can any1 tell me,i get the error reporting internet explorer needs to close send report etc so i click no then up pops another saying DR Watson DEbugger exactly like microsoft error report and send or not send then the pc freezes,ive emailed my anti virus supliers and they said they dont know and it must be a microsoft problem,so any ideas what it is and what etc
  • 3. Virus scan
    How can I turn off the "requesting virus scan" in Word 2000. Opening file takes a lot of time despite the fact that I have running antivirus software. Thanks
  • 4. 5 new Trojan virus worriers
    I'm at its' mercy..I have Norton anti virus and AVG free addition protection. Recently I was infected with the following Trojan Horse viruses..Downloader Agent.AL,Agent.AS, DyFica.2.AA, Dyfica.2.Ap, Dyfica.2.AN, and Delf.3.L... My norton prompt me to run AVG to heal or contain but,when I run AVG I continue to get pop up windows stating I'am infected with the same viruses. My reports show files have been healed or the viruses have been placed into the virus vault but I still get the virus alerts...WHAT SHOULD I DO....PLEASE HELP ME...THANK YOU!

Please Help, what is this???

Postby Hillary » Mon, 19 Jul 2004 05:54:36 GMT

Either at start up or shut down, I continue to get two 
small pop-ups, one says error 0x003b2ce8 at 0x00b38fcc, 
with another small box that says runtime error 216 at 
00002ce8.  I have all my virus definitions updated, and 
the scans don't show any infected files.  Is this  
something bad??  Either way, how can I fix the problem.  
Unfortunately, I am not well versed in computer technology.


Re: Please Help, what is this???

Postby Chek » Mon, 19 Jul 2004 09:56:15 GMT


A Google search found:

"This issue can occur if your computer is infected with a SubSeven Trojan

To determine if your computer is infected with this virus, visit the
following Web sites:





Has a 30 day evaluation trial of their software also available, which seems
to be well thought of.

Hope this helps


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