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  • 1. pop up / hijack
    my home page has been hijacked ( about:blank ) shows and i get tons of pop ups, only when useing hotmail or!
  • 2. Virus(trojan horse) Backdoor.Hacarmy
    Hi: HELP Norton anti-virus 2002 identified this virus but says it cant delete it. I have tried, but I'm not an expert. Any help (procedure) would be greatly appreciated. I deleted the "read only" check on zonelockup.exe, but still no luck. Object name: C:\windows\system32\zonelockup.exe Virus name: Backdoor.Hacarmy Action taken: Access to the file was denied
  • 3. kicking off line
    My computer keeps kicking me offline. I have tryed a fix from microsoft debug something but it still keeps kicking me offline. I can't stay connected to recieve any fix from big fix so can anyone help me????? THANKS
  • 4. is someone getting into my pc
    when i on the pc doing letters and want to use the phone there is a noise on the line , is someone trying to get in to my pc, i use xphome have a firewall set up and mcafee anivirus, i diconeect to phone line now, have scaned pc 2 virus found deleted them any help thanks

Security Technet Chat Today

Postby QUo » Fri, 15 Jul 2005 03:04:02 GMT

July 13, 2005
1:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Security in Microsoft Products
Join Mike Nash, Vice President for the Microsoft Security Business Unit, and 
his team of security experts each month. Microsoft is working hard to improve 
security and Mike and his team invite you to join them in a candid Q&A 
session. Ask us your tough questions; share with us what is going well and 
what needs improvement. This is your chance to talk up front with the leading 
security minds at Microsoft.

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