"Action" Problem(s)


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"Action" Problem(s)

Postby Joe Cletcher » Thu, 21 Aug 2003 19:42:16 GMT

I'm just trying to add a right-click option for a shape 
that passes the "ShapeKey" property of the shape that 
was "right-clicked" to and then executes a macro I have 
written. It's not working. Anyone see what I'm doing 

The macro and the "Action" lines are shown below. Only 
the 1st action line (DOCMD(1312)) works. The macro just 
shows a form with the faked "ShapeKey" and a single 
command button.

Public Sub ShowCustomData()
    Dim aForm As New frmMsnAsrncIssues
    Dim ShapeKey As Long
    ShapeKey = 35
    aForm.rtbShapeID.Text = "Shape ID: " & CStr(ShapeKey)
End Sub

Private Sub cmdOK_Click()
End Sub

Action  1:
   Action: DOCMD(1312)
     Menu: "Properties..."
  Checked: 0
 Disabled: 0

Action  2:
   Action: RUNADDON("ShowCustomData")
     Menu: "Show Mission Assurance Issues"
  Checked: 0
 Disabled: 0

Re: "Action" Problem(s)

Postby Bill K. [MSFT] » Fri, 22 Aug 2003 08:19:51 GMT

Change the action to: RUNADDON("ThisDocument.ShowCommandData")

A second way to handle it is with the CallThis() shapesheet function.
It will pass a reference to the shape, which is handy for looking up
properties from the shape.

action: CALLTHIS("ThisDocument.ShowCommandData")

vba macro:
Public Sub ShowCommandData(visShape as Visio.Shape)
    Dim ShapeKey as String
    ShapeKey = visShape.Cells("Prop.MyKey").ResultStr(0)
End Sub

Hope this helps,

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Re: "Action" Problem(s)

Postby Joe Cletcher » Wed, 27 Aug 2003 02:36:15 GMT

Thanks! Would have gotten back to you sooner, but my 
group's offices were moved to new digs and computers were 
down until today about noon.

Tried "CallThis" and
"RUNADDON" with the following argument 
("ThisDocument.ShowCustomData"). Neither syntax executed 
the macro "ShowCustomData". When I entered the command 
via the EDIT/ACTION menu choice VISIO entered
RUNADDON("JIMO.Module1.ShowCustomData") as the action 
item--that did not work either.

Still cannot get my user-defined macro to execute as 
an "action" method of a VISIO shape.

If I can get that to work, then I'll worry about 
including the VISIO.SHAPE as an argument to my 
macro "ShowCustomData".

I've used a break point at the first executable statement 
in the macro and it never reaches the break point when 
attempting to execute the macro from the action right-
click menu choice--macro works fine when requested from 
the TOOLS/MACROS/JIMO/Module1/ShowCommandData menu item.

Still at a loss--any other thoughts?

shapesheet function.
for looking up
confers no rights.


Re: "Action" Problem(s)

Postby Joe Cletcher » Thu, 28 Aug 2003 19:15:24 GMT

hanks! Enough of a clue to get the call to the macro to
work. I originally had the module and the form under a
user-defined stencil. When I created the module and the
form in the flow diagram, everything worked.

If you use the "CALLTHIS" function instead of
the "RUNADDON" function in the action statement of the
shapesheet, the VISIO shape object is provided as an
argument value for the macro I defined. Then I can use
the VISIO.Shape.ID property to get a unique identifier
for the shape--hope it is the same as the "shapekey" when
linking to a database. I'll have to check out
the "shapekey" and VISIO.Shape.ID relation.

Again, THANKS!
the "ThisDocument"-module!
Array Shapes.
module in the document
must preface the
document project that
group's offices were
about noon.
When I entered the
item--that did not
an "action" method
including the
macro "ShowCustomData".
statement in the macro
to execute the macro
from the

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