How can I create a historical timeline using office Viso? EG.1167


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    Dear all, It's my first time on international discussion groups, I usually use spanish groups home. I have a question about how to get the correct measurement of a curved line. Actually I'm working with visio 2003 and I can not find an stencil that let me the measurement of a curve line. I mean that if I want to know the distance between a curved line the measurement is the straigt line between X to Y but not the real measurement of the curve. I need a tool like the pensil to draw a paht on a map where are included straig lines and curved lines and then get the result of the distance, but I don't know how to do it , and I don't know how to modify the details of the stecil for that. I friend of mine told me that in a old version of vision that's possible but I don't know. Sorry by my english but I'm spanish. Anybody can help me? Thanks in advance.
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How can I create a historical timeline using office Viso? EG.1167

Postby U3lucw » Sat, 04 Mar 2006 09:23:04 GMT

I want to use the office Viso to create a timeline for a  history class, but 
it won't allow me to enter the dates ( 1167-1227)

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