How do you lable the equipment in your workshop or even give a br.


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  • 1. Selective Group Resizing
    I've got multiple shapes grouped together into a composite shape. My problem is that one of the subgroups should retain it's shape. That is, if the parent group is stretched in the X direction the child group retains it's current shape. If stretched in the Y direction the child group should scale proportional to Y. If the parent group is scaled in both X and Y directions, the subgroup should scale with it. Anybody know how I might accomplish this?
  • 2. AutoCAD files
    I downloaded a trial version of Visio 2007 Professional to test how it could open AutoCAD files and am having problems opening any version, including AutoCAD 2002 and 17. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • 3. Read Only
    How can I make my Visio File Read Only not able to be edited by anyone? If the solution to convert it to Acrobat Reader, How can I do that? Thanks in Advance...
  • 4. Reordering layers
    I would like the reorder the way the layers appear in the pulldown box of the "format shape" toolbar. It appears that the layers appear in the order they were created, rather than say alphabetical order. This makes it a bit harder to find the right layer when assigning them to a new shape. Is there a way to do this? Interestingly enough the layer props window does order them alphabetically. Thanks! Carlos
  • 5. Double Line Connectors
    Is there a way to generate connectors that have a double line style? Obviously I can do it with two separate connectors, but that involves a lot of twice as much manual routing! Carlos

How do you lable the equipment in your workshop or even give a br.

Postby amFoc3RhbGxpb24 » Sun, 07 Nov 2004 02:17:02 GMT

would like to have text in my workshop so other can understand what it is I'm 
doing. only pic art .. no real text and it's not goin where I want it

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I have just found that ItemFromId will return a shape from a shapes
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I guess my only re-course is to test the master of the returned shape, if it
is an invalid shape then it will throw the invalid sheet id error.

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Hi All,

Waiting for departure to Berlin..., a lot of information and
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In article <beoihd$5pa$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,
Francesco Iorio < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote:
:Does anybody have this old cd?

I probably do, but I would need written authorization from SGI to
allow you to use it.

I understand that there are parts of the EU [e.g., Denmark and Germany]
which explicitly make it legal to sell original copies of software
even if the license says otherwise. I do not happen to be in one
of those jurisdictions, so I'd need a written license exemption.

[It so happens that I would not be able to sell the software anyhow
even if the license allows: I'm part of the local government and
we aren't allowed to sell any assets: assets have to be sent through
the official disposal procedure.]
   *We* are now the times.                  -- Wim Wenders (WoD)

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