How to Create a Blank Flow Diagram or Prune Out Stencils from


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RE: How to Create a Blank Flow Diagram or Prune Out Stencils from

Postby YWx5c2VuZXQ » Fri, 09 May 2008 02:00:12 GMT

i, WapperDude --

Thanks for your fast reply, but I'm a bit lost. Tried following it. Did this:
1. In Visio 2003, clicked Basic Flowchart (US Units) to display it.
2. Left-clicked newly discovered (thanks!) Shapes icon and selected New
Stencil (US Units) in the dropdown list.
A listing for Stencil2 then appears in the left pane.
3. Dragged the Stencil2 to the main pane.
4. Dragged the 4 wanted shapes to the Stencil2 area.
5. Clicked Stencil2 to make sure it's active.
6. File > Save As to then name Stencil2 as CustomAlysenetStencil (right?
stencil, not as template), with Save as type as "Stencil (*.vss).
7. Closed Visio so now could test what my users will be seeing/doing once I
give them this end result file.
8. Here's where I get lost -- When the new user of this
template/stencil/whatever comes along, they then open what? I want them to
simply be able to open Visio and then File > Open a file named
"CustomAlysenetTemplate." They need to instead do something else? Open a
blank template and then somehow navigate to my stencil? That's too
complicated/too many steps to me. Are Visio users used to doing all that?
Please specify the remaining steps.
9. ??? Open Visio.
10. File > New > Choose Drawing Type ? just to get to "Blank Drawing"?
11. Click Blank Drawing. ?
12. Left-click Shapes tool in tool bar. ?
13. In resulting dropdown list, select My Shapes?
14. I don't see CustomAlysenetStencil in that resulting Favorites list at
the left, plus
these are too many steps to simpy open a file to use for dragging

Am I adding wrong steps? Please play out from step 9 onward for how to
access the pruned-down stencil/template/whatever you're accessing. I don't
quite understand the stencil vs template concept, so hard to ask correctly.

"WapperDude" wrote:

RE: How to Create a Blank Flow Diagram or Prune Out Stencils from

Postby V2FwcGVyRHVkZQ » Fri, 09 May 2008 04:44:10 GMT

i alysenet --
Let me say this right at the top, so no one has to read all the way thru the
rest of the answer. I believe it is possible to automate the procedure when
you open Visio, and have fewer steps involved. Unfortunately, I've never
done that and someone else will have to help you.

OK. Your steps were fine. When you saved your new stencil, it should
typically, be in My Documents>My Shapes. I think that's the default for
Visio. That woud be your step 6. Let's say you called it Alyse.vss.

Steps 9, 10, 11, 12 are correct. When you expand My Shapes in step 12,
Alyse should show up. If not, it's probably not located as shown in step 6.
You can either find the file on the PC and move it manually, or leave it, but
make a note as to it's location. Then, in Visio, you need to go to Tools >
Options. Select the Advanced Tab. Click the button at bottom right labelled
File Paths.... You may enter the correct path to your file for stencils.
Click Ok, OK. Now Step 12 should show your file Alyse.

Yes. There are a few steps. New Visio users would probably need a list.
But, it's only about 5 steps, #9 - #13. Don't know if this could be
automated with a VBA macro or not. As I mentioned, someone else will need to
help you at this point for simplifying the process. Sorry.


"alysenet" wrote:

RE: How to Create a Blank Flow Diagram or Prune Out Stencils from

Postby V2FwcGVyRHVkZQ » Sat, 10 May 2008 12:05:01 GMT

i Again --

This may not be as automated as you wish, but, if you create a template,
then everyone will be able to open it in one step.

1.) Open a new, blank drawing.
2.) Load your stencil
3.) Copy a shape to the drawing to confirm that the page is set correctly.
4.) Delete the shape
5.) Save this, with Save As, choosing template. Make sure it saves in the
correct location.

That should be it.

New users would
1.) Launch Visio
2.) File > New and select your template. The name should be listed.
3.) Then they start drawing.
4.) When they want to quit, they just save as a normal Visio drawing. The
template will be unchanged.

Remember, this is a local, machine dependent arrangement. You will need to
copy your template to whatever machines have Visio.

Hope this helps.

"alysenet" wrote:

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