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  • 1. Viso Pro vs Enterprise
    Hi, I've got a VSD document created in Visio Pro 2003 but i cant open it in Visio Enterprise 2003. I get the message "This file cannot be opened because it was created with a newer or unrecognized version of Visio" Visio viewer 2003 will open the doc. I've installed the latest SP's / updates to Visio Enterprise with no success. I dont want to have to install 2 seperate versions of Visio. to maintain visio documents.
  • 2. set Curved lines as default for Connector tool.
    Is there a way to set "Curved Lines" as the default for the "Connector tool?" Now I have to draw the line with the default setting of "Straight Line" then change it to a curved line. I am using the Detailed Network Diagram template. Thanks Matt
  • 3. Web User Interface template
    I see there is a Windows XP User Interface template that comes with Visio 2003. Does anyone know whether there is a Web User Interface template available...anywhere: MSFT or 3rd party?
  • 4. Visio Resource Kit for IT Professionals
    Do they offer this to MSDN, Microsoft Action Pack, or Partners?
  • 5. Visio 2000 Service Release 1
    Hi all, 1. When Visio 2000 Service Release 1 was available, was it free? 2. Did Microsoft give out a new 25 digit key to install it, or did it not require a new key? 3. Does anyone happen to still have the download file on their computer? I'm intitled to the Service Release since I have a licensed (and registered) copy of Visio 2000 (pre-service release), but as many of you know, it's not avalable. Thanks Sam

Postby Shahzad Godil » Wed, 14 Dec 2005 23:25:01 GMT

Hi Everyone,

I just posted blog of one Visio Activex 2003 based solution developed using 2003.



Please comment.

Shahzad Godil


Postby Mark Nelson [MS] » Thu, 15 Dec 2005 16:50:16 GMT

Good start.  Thanks for the commentary on issues you are encountering and 
your design workarounds.

Mark Nelson
Office Graphics - Visio
Microsoft Corporation

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