Hyperlinks in Visio 2007


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Hyperlinks in Visio 2007

Postby UHJhZGVlcA » Sat, 14 Jun 2008 14:58:00 GMT

I am creating a hyperlink to a document from my visio image 
(INSERT-->Hyperlinks, check the relative path option). The document used for 
hyperlink will be avaliable sometime later in my code. I used to do the 
operation in Visio 2003 and it works fine. Now if I do the same operation in 
Visio 2007 then nothing works for me. On comparing the gif_1.htm files I 
found that the file created by visio 2007 got the extra string ../ in HREF 
section (Just before the document name). This extra part is causing my 
program to fail.
As per the FAQ of  Visio 2003 and Visio 2007, both the visio versions are 
almost same and creates equal no of files and folders. 
Can anybody help me to understand the exact reason and any option avaliable 
to remove the ../ from gif_1.htm file.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi All,
I am creating hyperlink to a document from a image in Visio 2007 by
using INSERT-->Hyperlinks (checking the relative path option). After
that I am saving it as web page and publishing it.
The complete web address of the document will be provided later by my
code. When I run my code hyperlinks doesn't work. I am unable to
understand the issue as the same works fine with Visio 2003. Then I
compared the gif_1.htm file of visio 2003 and visio 2007 for the same
and found that a extra string "../" has been inserted in HREF section
(just before the name of document to be linked) in Visio 2007 created
gif_1.htm. If I remove them mannually then everything works fine.

Can anybody help me out to understand the HTML behaviour in Visio 2003
and Visio 2007 and provide and workaround for that.

Thanks in advace


4.Hyperlinks issue in Visio 2007 (Getting "../" in gif_1.htm fil

You can't prevent Visio 2007 from inserting "../" in the web page files. So I 
guess the question is -- do you need your code to work just with Visio 2007 
or must your code work with web pages produced by both Visio 2003 and 2007? 

If just Visio 2007, then you can avoid the need to modify the gif_1.htm by 
changing the placement of the document that is the hyperlink target, i.e., 
ensure that the object of your hyperlink is one level higher in the Windows 
directory hierarchy than it was for Visio 2003 web pages.

If you need your code to work for both Visio 2003 and 2007, I think you're 
stuck with modifying the gif_1.htm file for the Visio 2007 case.

"Pradeep" wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> Thanks for detailed information.
> Well, I am not picking the document directly from the file system.
> While running my software program the gif_1.htm gets uploaded in a
> server and the hyperlink name there will be used. Here the problem
> comes, instead of taking the document name it is taking ../<document
> name> (as explained by you earlier regarding relative paths in Visio
> 2007). I have also written logic in my program to remove the string
> from gif_1.htm but I don't think that will be the good solution.
> Can you suggest any workaround for removing these "../ " ?
> Thanks in advance.
> regards
> Pradeep

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Visio 2007 allows you to create the hyperlink but doesn't let you follow it. 
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file because it's not a Visio file or it has become corrupted.")

I'm sure this added security is "for my own good". But I want live on the 
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I've looked in the Trust Center but haven't found a setting that allows me 
to override this behavior. Did I miss something? Any ideas how to allow links 
to .exe files?


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