Information for Visio 5 users


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  • 1. Creating a custom stencil for Cross Functional band and Separator
    Hello, I'm well versed in creating custom stencils. We utilize this process to create stencil groups that conform to our corporate branding colors to help keep consistency across our organization. My difficulty is in adding a Functional Band shape to the stencil. I can add it to my stencil, modify the colors, line weighting, fonts, etc. However, when I actually use it, it defaults to the standard microsoft colors. The same is true if I edit the formatting of an existing drawing and try to add additional bands to it. Do you have any suggestions for me? -- Thanks, Suzann
  • 2. Org chart fields
    Is there a way to apply org chart options for fields for some shapes but not others? I have an org chart in Visio 2003 with name, dept and location fields. That's fine for the positions, but for staff I want just one line to show (I've formatted with bullets). The extra fields are creating an extra bullet and an extra hard return.
  • 3. Spell Check in custom properties
    Is there any way to extend the spell checker to custom properties?
  • 4. Spell Checker to custom properties
    Does anyone have some code that will extend the spell checker to custom properties?

Information for Visio 5 users

Postby John Marshall, MVP » Tue, 26 Aug 2003 04:42:12 GMT

If you have Visio 5 you should seriously consider upgrading before November

Currently Visio 5 is the oldest version of Visio that qualifies for an
upgrade. When Visio 2003 is released on Oct 21st, Visio 2000 will be the
oldest version that qualifies for an upgrade. At that point Visio 5 will no
longer qualify for an upgrade and you will have to pay full retail price for
a newer version of Visio.

Until Oct 30th, Visio 5 users can upgrade to Visio 2002 and will qualify for
a "free" upgrade to Visio 2003 under Microsoft's Technology guarantee.
(There will be a nominal cost for S&H. )

See  http://www.**--****.com/ 

John...    Visio MVP

Need stencils or ideas?  http://www.**--****.com/ 
Need VBA examples?    http://www.**--****.com/ 
Common Visio Questions  http://www.**--****.com/ 

Re: Information for Visio 5 users

Postby John Marshall, MVP » Mon, 15 Sep 2003 10:49:37 GMT

Seems to be there now.

John...    Visio MVP

Need stencils or ideas?  http://www.**--****.com/ 
Need VBA examples?    http://www.**--****.com/ 
Common Visio Questions  http://www.**--****.com/ 

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1.Need assistance creating a Visio floor plan with user information

I am a casual Visio user and was wondering if anyone had information on 
creating a Visio floor plan for an office, with clickable links at each 
user's PC. You could highlight or click a PC and a picture of the person 
working here, their extension, etc would appear. Also nice would be the 
ability to IM them from this Visio diagram. 
I would appreciate any help or insight anyone can offer. thanks.


2.Drawing the users' attention to which shape has the information


I am constructing a flow chart (say on page 1) and on some of the shapes I
need the user to click on them so that they are able to obtain more
information. The additional information will be contained on page 2 within a
number of document shapes. So I have been looking at using hyperlinks which
works ok other than I do not know how to draw the users' attention to which
shape has the information. I know and have tested out the facility for
selecting an area of the page but this is no good unless I can highlight the
shape. I would need this facility to work in full screen mode as well as the
construction mode.

Any help would be appreciated

I am using VISIO Professional 2003

3.user information

is there a way to insert a field that would capture the user name from user 
information so that I can see who last made revisions to a shared visio file?

4.MOSS - provisioning user accounts via "Add Users"

I have a MOSS 2007 implementation that, via:

    Site Actions-->People and Groups-->New-->Add Users

... allows the admin to add existing domain accounts to SharePoint groups. 
No problems there.

However, yesterday I was shown a MOSS site that not only allows adding users 
to groups, but allows the admin to _create_ the underlying user account. In 
the Add Users screen, there is a "Create" button that is not present on my 
MOSS site, allowing any new user accounts to be generated at the same time 
they're added to the group. Clicking "Create" prompts for a name & email 
address for the new account.

What has caused this "Create" button to be present? Is it something to do 
with whether or not the MOSS implementation is tied to a domain, and is it 
only available if no domain is in use? I'd like to enable it on my MOSS site.

Thanks in advance,

5.Having Live Updates to Excel /Visio Information

Hi all:

Question 1:
Sorry about being longwinded, but I have a problem with powerpoint that 
others might also be having: Sometimes I create a powerpoint presentation 
where I cut and paste into the powerpoint information from another program, 
usually an excel spreadsheet, but sometimes also a visio diagram. 

Usually I paste special as a picture because it tends to take little space, 
usually formats well, and looks ok. However, sometimes when I am working with 
an excel sheet with a large copy area (e.g. suppose that the font of the 
sheet is large, like 24 pt. ) I have to cut and paste as a bitmap, which 
looks best but takes up a lot of megs.

However, I often change the information on the excel sheet after pasting, 
,and then have to remind myself to change the information on powerpoint, 
which adds a potential point of failure on this whole chain. I was wondering 
if there was a way of pasting the information in such a way so that if I 
change a number in excel, the number wiill also be changes in powerpoint? Is 
there also a way to make text in powerpoint referring to a data point in the 
excel data change- i.e. if I change X from 10% to 25%, I can have a bullet 
point go from "Sales will rise by 10%" to "Sales will rise by 25%"



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