Line with extensions.


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    Have recently installed Visio 2003, and am trying to create a basic ERD. I have used other version of Visio for quite a long time now, so I am not a complete novice. However, I am unable to create relationships. When I drag a relationship over to the drawing area, and drag an end of the relationship over a table, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
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    I'm trying to draw up an old style ERD for a data model for a relational database, as UML is very poor at static data design. Can it be done in Visio Office standard edition or do I need the Pro version with some sort of missing template?
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    I have Visio 5 and Visio 2003 on the same machine (turns out that was a good thing). I had a couple of files that were ".v" files. If I double click on the file, it opens Visio 5 (not Visio 2003). If I try to open it in Visio 2003 - it doesn't even see it to open it. Why is this? Can't Visio 2003 open Visio 5 files? Also, when Visio 5 gets called, the next time I try to open Visio 2003, it has to reconfigure the program. It goes through a couple of windows saying it is collecting information to set it up. If I change the name to a .vs files, Visio 2003 can see it but says it isn't a Visio file (which I assume it is - Visio 5 opens it fine) or is corrupted. How do I handle this situation? Thanks Tom.
  • 5. Reverse engineering for non-programmers
    Hi, I'm currently working with a group of documenters that would like to use the output from Visio's reverse engineering feature. The only book on the subject I can find is 'Professional UML with Visual Studio .NET: Unmasking Visio for Enterprise Architects,' which is targetted towards developers. Does anyone know of any other books or tutorials on the subject that have a non-technical audience in mind? Thanks in advance, Gabe Jones

Line with extensions.

Postby UGhpbGlwcGUgQy4 » Wed, 27 Feb 2008 17:26:00 GMT

Having a look at the "Part and Assembly drawing" template, in the stencil 
"Drawing Tool Shapes", I came across the mystical "Line with extensions" 
I think I did what the help says, but the fragmentation does not work.  
Visio 2003.


Use the Line with extensions shape
From Drawing Tool Shapes, drag the Line with extensions shape onto the 
drawing page.
To resize the line, drag an endpoint  or .
To change the length of the line beyond the endpoint, drag a control handle .
Use this shape with the Fragment command to create new shapes. To ensure 
proper alignment and overlap of lines, position the shape's endpoints on the 
edge of the shape you want to fragment, and then drag the extensions outside 
the shape. After you use the Fragment command, the line with extensions is 
deleted. You can move the pieces of the fragmented shape independently, as 
shown in the illustration.

Position the Line with extensions shape on top of the rectangle.

Move the pieces of the fragmented shape independently

Re: Line with extensions.

Postby Chris Roth [Visio MVP] » Sat, 01 Mar 2008 16:29:54 GMT

Are you trying to cut lines into pieces or create closed shapes by 
"cookie cutting" with separate lines?

To chop-up lines, use: Shape > Operations > Trim
To cut-out shapes, use: Shape > Operations > Combine

Hope this helps,

Chris Roth
Visio MVP

Visio Guy: Smart Graphics for Visual People

Re: Line with extensions.

Postby UGhpbGlwcGUgQy4 » Sat, 01 Mar 2008 17:38:00 GMT

Now the fragmenting works, like in the Help example.  I am trying to 
reconstruct why it did not work, but whatever I do, it allways works.  
(snapping, gluing, order of selection, rectangle or box).

I was going to ask for the usefullnes of the "line with extensions",  but 
now I see it.  First I thought it was something specially made  for 

By the way, thanks for publishing my picture on your site.
On the background, behind the round table.

the man without T-shirts.

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