Missing tooltips with published Visio file


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Missing tooltips with published Visio file

Postby Mike S » Sat, 28 Feb 2004 02:25:34 GMT


I'm using Visio 2003 Pro.
Adding text to the description field when entering a 
hyperlink usefully provides that text as a tooltip within 
Visio.  However when it is published to a web page the 
tooltip either just says "Click to follow hyperlink" or if 
there is text in the shape you are linking from, it 
repeats that text (not helpful because the user can see 
that anyway) plus say "Click to follow hyperlink".

Is there any way you can get the description text to show?


Re: Missing tooltips with published Visio file

Postby Dick Hamilton [MSFT] » Sat, 28 Feb 2004 12:55:37 GMT

Hi Mike,

One option to get description text to show up as part of the webpage output,
is to include a second hyperlink on the shape.  That way, when the shape is
selected in the web page output, a popup will appear with both hyperlink
descriptions.  So if you put your text comments in a second shape hyperlink,
they will appear in the hyperlink menu when invoked.  I hope this helps.

Dick Hamilton
Microsoft Corporation

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Re: Missing tooltips with published Visio file

Postby anonymous » Sun, 29 Feb 2004 01:26:13 GMT

Thanks for your reply{*filter*}.

I not sure the method you suggest will make the end result 
any more intuitive for the user.  I've also tried the 
Insert Shape ScreenTip option, but that doesn't get 
transferred over to html either.

Hey ho, perhaps it'll get fixed in the next upgrade.

Thanks anyway.

the webpage output,
when the shape is
both hyperlink
second shape hyperlink,
hope this helps.
confers no rights


Re: Missing tooltips with published Visio file

Postby Andy [MS] » Sun, 29 Feb 2004 02:32:31 GMT

Actually, this isn't a bug. There are accessibility reasons for doing it
this way.

Several screen readers read the text from the same tags that contain the
screen tips. That's why the shape's text has to be in there. That's also why
we don't put the hyperlink description in there -- to a user that is
visually impaired, they would have no way of distinguishing whether the text
is from a shape or from a hyperlink.

The workaround that{*filter*} mentioned is a pretty good one. The users will have
to click the shape to see the description, but at least the description is
visible at that point.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Microsoft Corporation

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Re: Missing tooltips with published Visio file

Postby Zone443 » Mon, 15 Nov 2004 08:14:24 GMT

This hack will work, although I am not sure if it will break anythin

Open the root web page created by the Visio publish wizard with notepa
or similar text editor.  Replace the text -*strTooltip += strHL;*- wit
the text -*strTooltip += strHL;*strTooltip += hlObj.Desc;-.  This tex
will be on a line by itself, and after the change is made, you
tooltips will start appearing.  Don't forget that you would need t
make this change every time you republish the visio document as a we
page which is not ideal but does the job

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