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  • 1. Private mdctShapesVisited As Dictionary - User-defined type not defined
    Dear All, Found a piece of code in Microsoft Code Librarian. Under VB6 Connections the is a line of code: Private mdctShapesVisited As Dictionary But when I run the code it says: User-defined type not defined on this line of code. May I know what library should I include for the Dictionary data type? Please help. Regards, chanmm
  • 2. Generating docs from UML diagram
    I've Googled this question with no success but maybe I don't know the correct keywords... I'm using Visio 2002 to create a UML diagram to design some software. The diagram has classes, which have properties and methods. For each class and its properties and methods (and for the methods' parameters) I filled in a description in the "Documentation" field, under Properties. Now what I'd like is some sort of report of the text I filled entered. I'd like to use this to help me write the code. Is it possible to generate such documentation from the diagram? (I've tried Tools|Report but didn't see options to include the text I want.) Thanks! Craig
  • 3. Setting Color Schemes using VB
    Hello, I am writing a macro to do some basic formatting of some documents, and I would like the macro to set the color scheme before it is done, and I cannot find what command or object governs this choice. I tried to get smart on Visio and record a macro while changing the color scheme, but the macro did not record any commands. So I am at a loss. Any help? Thanks. DNAphil
  • 4. How do you make a Visio shape with multiple positions? (Like a swi
    Stencil "EE - Switches and Relays" have a number of shapes that have multiple positions. You drag and drop a switch, then you can right click on the switch to select whether you want it OPEN/CLOSED. When you select, the shape changes to match the selection. How do you make shapes like this? How do you create the menu options? I would like to either modify existing shapes or start from scratch. I cannot find any description of how to do this in the online help. I am using MS-Visio 2000 Technical and MS-Visio 2003 Pro.

Re: Model explorer with VBA

Postby RA » Fri, 02 Apr 2004 09:43:25 GMT

There is an addon that allows you to export the UML model elements in a
static structure diagram to an XMI file. This XMI file can then be accessed
to obtain the UML object information.



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I would like to add some custom shapes to the UML Model Explorer. Is there 
any way to access and edit t? I could not find any general tree-view packages 
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I'm not sure when it started to fail, but the view containing the Model 
Explorer/Properites/Documentation for UML drawings no longer appears, even 
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visible, but they are not.

1. File -> New -> Software -> UML Model Diagram
2. UML -> View -> toggle the Model Explorer menu item on.

Model Explorer view should be visible.

Model Explorer view is not visible.

The problem also occurs for the Properties and Documentation, for any UML 
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I am new to Visio. I was wondering whether i can generate 
VB.NET code for my visio model. I am not able to see any 
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(sequence, activity diagram etc.) rendering it completely useless... Anyways 
I'm a bit puzzled by this so if anybody has any help with this issue it would 
be greatly appreciated, I don't really feel like changing my associations to 
regular classes to go around this issue if I can avoid it.

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