Backward compatibility


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    Hi there, I new to VB and having some difficulty with a text box. I using textbox19 to enter values in a excel range of cells and want the textbox to be clear and keep de focus set on the same text box, after I hit the enter key, so I can enter the next value until I finish and then click on another textbox. Can anybody help? I would appreciate.
  • 2. MOSS 2007, Visio 2007 + IE 8
    Hi, with IE8 I cannot edit Visio files (*.vsd) from a document library: "Error (1502) file not found". When I open the file in proteced mode it works without problems! Also Word and Excel files I can "Edit in Microsoft Office Word/Excel" directly, only Viso-files doesn't work... System: Server: W2k3 R2 SP2 x64 Client: WinXP SP3, Office 2007 SP2 / Visio 2007 SP2 SharePoint: MOSS 2007 SP1 any ideas? best regards, Jgen N.
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    how can i have a pop out shapes from the original parent shapes that i draw by only clicking on them?
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    I am using Office 2003. Can I use Visio 2007? I want to download a trial version and buy it if I like it; otherwise, can I download a trial of Viso 2003 and then buy it if I like it.
  • 5. how do i use files from visio 4.1 with visio 2007
    I have and older Ver. of Visio 4.1 on one computer and then transfered the file to my other computer. I then downloaded a new trial ver. of Visio 2007 and I tried to make changes to the transfered file but could not any ideas?

Backward compatibility

Postby QWFyb25nYW50 » Fri, 10 Jun 2005 04:57:04 GMT

I have Visio 2003 at home and 2002 at work. My 2002 Visio will not open 
flowcharts created with 2003 even though I save them as a 2002 file. Why is 

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Professional they agreed to order it, but I don't know how soon it
will arrive.

I'd like to get started by downloading a trial copy of Visio
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ordered copy, when it arrives, will be Visio 2003.  After I create
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I understand that Visio 2003 is backward compatible allwoing you to open and use files from older versions.  However, it I create a Visio 2003 file, can someone with Visio 2000 read it?   edit it?   Do I only have to save it as a Visio 2000 file before I send it?   I need to know before I upgrade since I work with several people who haven't upgraded.

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disucssion) print upside down and backwards.  I've tried reinstalling Visio 
(twice), I've tried reloading my printer drivers (twice), and now I'm 

Everything looks fine on the screen and in print preview, but the printing 
itself is completely garbled.  I'm using Vision 2003 SP2 and it makes no 
difference which printer I use (we've got networked HPs here at the office, 
but I have the same problem when I connect to my local ink jet at home).  
Other people in my office with the same install of Visio can create and print 
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