New Shapes for Visual Calculation


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  • 1. registry permissions
    Hi All, recently I applied a security template to a terminal server with visio on it. Now only admins are able to run the application. All other users get only the Visio splash screen. I've used regmon to find that it is the security permissions in the registry. The only problem is that I can't seem to apply the correct permissions to the keys using the gpo for the server. Reg keys are deleted and recreated during the opeing of the application. Does anyone know the best way around this as it's driving me nuts. Any advice would be great for deploying visio in a terminal server environment. Thanks, Liam.
  • 2. 2002 EA vs. 2003 Pro
    After much confusion, I finally figured out that VS.NET 2003 ships with Visio EA 2002. While I can install Visio 2003 Pro from my MSDN subscription, I won't have UML functionality if I do this. A while ago I had problems with Visio, so I did some installing/reinstalling (I can't remember what versions). Apparently I ended up installing Visio 2002 EA. I've gone to the Office website, and updated to service pack 2. Here's the problem: When I open some UML diagrams I did in Visio (I don't remember which version) a while ago, Visio 2002 EA tells me the diagrams were created in a newer version of Visio, and the shapes may not be compatible with my version of Visio. A few of my shapes are highlighted in bold red. If Visio 2002 EA is telling me the diagrams were created in a newer version of Visio, then I must have created them in Visio 2003 Pro, but these are UML diagrams, and I thought Visio 2003 didn't support UML. So what's going on here?
  • 3. can you tell me what an error 920 is?
    I'm trying to save a visio file out as a jpeg, or gif, or png. I keep getting the error with no explanation of what the error means - any help is appreciated
  • 4. Custom templates go *where*?
    I have a large library of custom templates and shape libraries that I've been developing since the mid-1990s... Under Visio 2002, I keep them in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Visio10\1033\Solutions\mydirectoryname, and mydirectoryname comes up as one of the choices on the Visio opening menu. No such luck in Visio 2003 (changing Visio10 to Visio11 of course). Where should they go?
  • 5. How to enable "Convert Ink to Text" programmatically
    Hi all, I am using the Visio automation control (Visio OCX) and am having troubling enabling "Convert Ink to Text" command for tabletpc or "Convert Ink to Geometry" command using my own command buttons and context menu. I have check out the VisUICmds constants from the sdk help file but can't find the command. From the visio application, you get to see such commands if you do a right-click over an ink object. Anyone have any idea how to enable such commands programmatically? Regards, Keng Yuen

Re: New Shapes for Visual Calculation

Postby Chris Roth [MVP] » Fri, 11 Jan 2008 15:37:06 GMT

Hey JTS,

These are really cool shapes!

When I first started using Visio, right out of engineering school, I had 
wanted to make similar shapes...but that was long before VBA.

Thanks for your excellent contribution!

Hope this helps,

Chris Roth
Visio MVP

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Re: New Shapes for Visual Calculation

Postby UGhpbGlwcGUgQy4 » Sun, 13 Jan 2008 00:13:01 GMT

After the "isometric piping",  another creative contribution from Japan.
It makes me think about the free Zeliosoft software to control a Smart Relay.
If you want to interfere with the real world, you will have to buy the smart 

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