Only a portion of page is printing


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    Hi, I'm a newbe to Visio (v 2003), so ... probably this is a rather stupid question. How can I assign a macro to a custom button in a custom toolbar? (Assigning to shapes double click is no problem.) I also use Word, Excel, PPt (and Access). In those programs, you 1 create your macro 2 add a toolbar (Tools-Customize-tab Toolbars) 3 drag a macro button to the new toolbar (tab Commands, category Macros) 4 in Excel, additionally assign the macro No go in Visio. And the help doesn't ... help. -- Mvg, Frans
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Only a portion of page is printing

Postby VG9tIFQ » Sat, 10 Apr 2004 05:11:03 GMT

In Visio 2003 Standard

While in Print Preview, I see my full dwg. Yet, only a very 'clipped' partial dwg will print. I have checked paper size etc. but no luck in printing the full Print Preview. 

Re: Only a portion of page is printing

Postby Hayrob » Sat, 10 Apr 2004 22:14:35 GMT

See thread below : Disappearing data - may be the same problem with HP
printers that I had.


partial dwg will print. I have checked paper size etc. but no luck in
printing the full Print Preview.

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