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    Hi, I'm using Visio 2003 Pro. Adding text to the description field when entering a hyperlink usefully provides that text as a tooltip within Visio. However when it is published to a web page the tooltip either just says "Click to follow hyperlink" or if there is text in the shape you are linking from, it repeats that text (not helpful because the user can see that anyway) plus say "Click to follow hyperlink". Is there any way you can get the description text to show? TIA Mike
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    When I define the column datatype of a table, I can only findSBCS Char(10), why there is no varchar ?
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    How do I dock Database Properties windows and Output windows at the bottom of the screen under the main page?
  • 4. Boundary object in COM and OLE
    I dragged the Boundary shape onto a form but cannot move it to other position, how can I do that?
  • 5. XDE newbie - What to use it for, how to get into it.
    Started a new project where Rational XDE is used with VS.NET. Though it seems its not really used consequently at developer level. Some VS projects have models, some don't. So my question is. What would me "economical" things to use it for, and how do I get there? By economical I mean that I do not have to spend a lot of time before I increase my productivity. People ive talked to don't think its a good idea to use it for reverse- engineering to understand existing code. ..If not I think the main use of UML is to communicate your design to others. If I'm not required to do that, - I don't think its much point in doing diagrams before I code? So I think the best would be to code first and then reverse-engineer so that I have diagram ready to discuss with others? About mining existing code...does it have any advantages over VS.NET? VS.NET has some weaknesses. For example go to reference doesn't work very well when there are many methods with a similar signature. (So its very difficult to figure out where something is called from). Lastly, what are good resources for getting into what I need? The only .NET XDE book seems to have bad critics. Is there for example a good resource which just explains how to reverse-engineer from scratch? I have previously done class- and sequence-diagrams with Magicdraw. (I'm posting this in a Visio-group. Really the best place I could find) Thanks Olav

Page Setup

Postby Andy Saltiel » Fri, 08 Aug 2003 22:54:57 GMT

Is it possible to have portrait and landscape pages within 
the same Visio file?  Every time I change the layout for 
one page it changes them all.  I am runing Visio 2000 
under NT4.



Re: Page Setup

Postby Chuck Bowling » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 02:08:16 GMT

Yes. IIR UML diagrams don't like doing this but otherwise it's easy.

When you insert a new page the Page Setup dialog will come up. Select the
Page Size tab, custom size option button, then select page orientation.

Re: Page Setup

Postby Andy Saltiel » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 18:43:49 GMT

Bingo!  Thank Chuck.  BTW, you need to use custom settings 
on all sheets, otherwise Page-1 seems to set the printed 
page for everything.


it's easy.
come up. Select the
page orientation.


Re: Page Setup

Postby Chuck Bowling » Sat, 09 Aug 2003 23:36:28 GMT

Glad I could help.

page setup

Postby U3RhY2V5 » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 14:21:08 GMT

I am wanting to change some pages to landscape and leave others in portrait 
on the same document

Re: page setup

Postby John Marshall, MVP » Sat, 25 Sep 2004 00:20:28 GMT

On each page go to page setup and chose the appropriate page size and 
orientation. Within a Visio file you can have any combination of size or 
orientation. The key thing to watch out for is that within Page Setup, "Same 
as Printer" is NOT selected.

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