Print a portion of a diagram


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    How can you change the direction of the numbers on the page scale. In other words, the scales are on the left and the top of the page. The left scale starts at zero on the bottom of the page and counts up. The scale on the top of the page starts at zero on the left side of the page and counts to the right. How do you change it so that the scale starts on the right and counts to the left? Thanks.
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    How do you combine multiple flow charts in Visio 2003 Pro and not lose the ability to edit the one you dragged into page 2? The new one moves as a block, text editing doesnt work etc.. thanks -- Philburnmaui
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    Is that possible 2 or more persons working on the drawing at the same visio project(on-line)??? that means one person will work on part of ER, and the another one work on the second part, and after all come them together. Thanks for helping me. Daniel
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    Hi I have a large visio2003 file (sitemap of a current site) in which I want to auto number each item. The problem is that each item is actually a group (made of the same master shape) and I need to auto number a specific element of the group, not the group itself. To be more concrete, each item is composed of two boxes on top of each other, and I need to make the top box autonumbered. I've tried using the Tools->Addons->Number items, but it won't work (either manual or automatic mode) for elements of a group. I also don't want to ungroup the items as that will sever their link with the master. Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. thanks! -Nik

Print a portion of a diagram

Postby Tres » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 03:07:04 GMT

I have a floor plan that I am using as my fire exit 
diagram.  I need to print pieces of the diagram to post in 
the various work areas.  I need help in printing only 
portions of my drawing.  I have little to no working 
kowledge of visio.  I have just learned what I know for 
this project.  Any ideas???

Re: Print a portion of a diagram

Postby RA » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 09:19:48 GMT

One way is to set layers on those areas in which you want to print.
The layers can be set to print or not print.

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