Rotate (and Repeated Duplicate) an Object.


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Rotate (and Repeated Duplicate) an Object.

Postby Chessaurus » Fri, 15 Sep 2006 04:57:14 GMT

Say I have a circle and I want to add 60 equally spaced 'tick' marks
around the circumference (like minute marks around the circumference of
a clock face)... any way to do this without VBA?


Re: Rotate (and Repeated Duplicate) an Object.

Postby Chris Roth [MVP] » Fri, 15 Sep 2006 06:23:24 GMT

You can do this fairly quickly using this strategy:

1. Draw two tick marks - at 3 and 9 o'clock
2. Select them and choose Shape > Operations > Combine
    You now have single shape with two tick markes.
3. Duplicate this shape and hit Ctrl + R (rotated 90 degrees clockwise)
4. Select both shapes and combine
   You now have a single shape with four tick marks
5. Duplicate this shape twice and rotate the duplicates 30 and 60 degrees.
6. Select all shapes and combine.
    You now have a single shape with 12 tick marks.

Now you can duplicate this shape only four more times and rotate each 
dublicate five degrees.

You can use the View > Size & Position dialog to specify angle precisely, or 
simply notice that the nearer the rotation point you are, the more coarse 
the rotation snapping. So it's pretty easy to find the "5-degree groove" by 
varying the radius of your rotation.

Hope this helps,

Chris Roth
Visio MVP

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