Shlaer-Mellor template for Visio 2002


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    Visio 2003 Pro SP1 (and prior to SP1). I customize the toolbar with Format Shape > Define Styles... and Format Shape > Style (the style selector). Lasts for the session, at least. Then, after exit all and restart Visio, even opening the same .vsd, tend to loose the customization and have to re-do it. Seems like a crap shoot, about 30% of the time the customization sticks, the other times it doesn't. These are custom pages, not from a built-in template, that is, File > New blank, then add shape stencils.

Shlaer-Mellor template for Visio 2002

Postby Danny » Sat, 27 Sep 2003 09:12:25 GMT


Does anyone know if there is a Shlaer-Mellor template 
available for Visio 2002?



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