Template or whatever you would call it?


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  • 1. connection point display
    when I bring a shape (square or circle or anything that has connection points ) into my drawing, the connection points all show short black line above the points .I don't remember seeing this happening in Visio 2000. Anybody have any idea what this is and how to get rid of the lines? thanks, Bob
  • 2. How do I turn a jpg image I have into a visio background?
    I have a jpg image I downloaded for the net. I want to turn it into a background for a diagram I am creating. I also would like to make it transparent. I have looked on the help and can't find my answer. Please help.
  • 3. Global command to remove all connectors; saving as a WORD document; Visio Viewer?
    When one creates a flowchart that spans several pages, is there a way to globally remove all connectors? Is there a way to globally remove them at least for a page? Also, a developer here who I do Visio flowcharts for doesn't have Visio and wanted me to save a diagram as a Word Document. That was not a file/save as document format available in 2003.... Is there a way to do this??? Is there a Visio Viewer? Thanks , : )
  • 4. Visio question
    I have Visio 2002 Standard and am trying to database a diagram with numerous tabs that shows our network switches grouped by location (each tab is a different location) Each tab has different number of switches. Is it possible to database each tab and leave labels beside each switch that shows the switchname( I want these names to come from a Database Record) I would also like to double click the picture and get a query sheet that shows all of the ports for that switch. On each page I would also like a text box that shows the Circuit number (from a database record) I have searched the net but am starting to wonder if this is possible. Thanks for any help you can provide. -- Brian blanktree at hotmail dot com

Template or whatever you would call it?

Postby mocallins » Thu, 27 Jan 2005 11:15:34 GMT

Is there a way to create a drawing (using a base template, shape, ...)
so that if you go back and change something in the template, it will
get changed in all occurences in your main drawing.

Re: Template or whatever you would call it?

Postby Al Edlund » Fri, 28 Jan 2005 02:34:24 GMT

unfortunately there is no link from an original template to a drawing to 
perform that function. That said, have you considered going to the document 
stencil (via the file menu) and making your change there. The way visio 
works is when you copy something to a drawing it first copies it to the 
document stencil and from there to the drawing. So unless you have broken 
the link between document stencil and page object, changing the stencil 
version should also change the drawing page object.
Your mileage may vary,

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