Can I create sub-functions in a cross-functional flowchart?


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Can I create sub-functions in a cross-functional flowchart?

Postby Q0VDRGl2ZXI » Wed, 04 Jan 2006 15:05:01 GMT

Trying to create a template for my organization to map processes to.  Goal is 
to map the organization to the 'function bars' in Visio's cross-function 
flowcharts.  However, I would like to create some 'sub-functions' for lower 
organizational elements (i.e. divisions under a department).  Is this 

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I use Visio 2003.

I am trying to create a template for a cross-functional flowchart.
1) The title bar needs to be 0.5in in height, containing the logo, revision 
number, approver name, etc.
2) This is followed by a blank frame of height 0.25in.
3) Then come 5 bands. The user should be able to add or delete bands as 

I created a cross-functional flowchart with 5 bands (There is a title bar, a 
blank frame, and 5 bands). I then used the shapesheet to increase the height 
of the title bar. Then I added the logo and other details to the title bar 
and saved this as a template.

After creating the template, I face the following issues when opening a new 
Visio document:
1) When I delete a band, say, band 3, the bands 4 and 5 do not automatically 
move up. There is still a gap after band 2.
2) When I resize a band, the other bands do not automatically move to adjust 
the shapes. The bands overlap.
3) When I add a band (band 6), this is created at the top, that too, it 
overlaps the title bar. (When I add a new band, I am asked whether to include 
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bar. Note: I already have the title bar and 5 bands, I just need to add band 

I am not sure what is wrong. Please assist me.
Thanks and regards,

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"Before" is fine - three equally-spaced lanes.
"After" is a nightmare of fighting with unseen protection locks.

I wanted to make both scenarios the same width overall, but "After" has only 
two lanes, the right one being twice the width of the the left one. 
The sensible way to create it is to take "Before", delete one lane and 
double the width of one of the others by simpling stretching it.

I have ungrouped ALL the elements, selected every possible combination of 
shapesheet and rightclicked at least 20 times to unlock every shape and layer 
that exists. The process has taken over 3 hours so far.
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Is there a single command somehwere which can unlock everything in one click ?

This is an incredible waste of time - why is it all so complicated ?

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brought to the program..

Help !

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