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  • 1. Merging Visio Documents
    I have several visio documents that I would like to merge into a single document. Is there a way to do this besides cut and paste?
  • 2. VB UML model from function
    Hy How can I build an uml model from a VB 6 function? Thanx 4 any help
  • 3. DB Model vs. ER Model
    What is the difference between a "Database Model Diagram" and an "ER Source Model" - I mean if every thing is available in a "Database Model Diagram", why do we have a need for an "ER Source Model". Regards, Ali.
  • 4. Server Cluster Shape
    Hi there, I've been reading a lot of MS articles regarding Network Load Balancing Clusters and Server Clusters. These documents contain diagrams which I presume were created using Visio. These diagrams contain 2D shapes for switches, firewalls etc. as well as a generic shape for a Server Cluster. I can't find this Cluster shape in the Visio 2000 or 2003 templates. Can anybody tell me where I can find it? Also, can you tell me where I can find 2D networking shapes in visio 2003? Thanks in advance, Nick
  • 5. width of page tab
    Hi all, a makro of mine automatically adds pages to the document and gives them names. The problem is that the size of the pages tabs is always too little to show the complete name. How can I automatically size the tabs in a way that they have enough width to show the complete name? Thank you in advance, Michi


Postby c2hpcm9taW5p » Thu, 12 Feb 2004 10:31:12 GMT

I started to get the block around the text and I don't want the block. How can I get rid of the block?

RE: Text

Postby QmVja3k » Fri, 13 Feb 2004 06:56:06 GMT

     Right click on the text block.  Select Format Line and select No Line to turn off the border.  Select Format Fill and set your transparency to 100% to get rid of the (usually white) box.  That should leave only your text.

     I started to get the block around the text and I don't want the block. How can I get rid of the block?


Postby shiromini » Mon, 23 Feb 2004 13:41:33 GMT


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1.Sloped Text, Inclined Text, Text in perspective, Text to a Vanishing Point

Hello All,

Using Visio 2002 Pro (SP2)

I'd like to type some large text (say 20 Ft. tall), then lay the top of the 
text rearward... as in perspective.
Kinda like looking at a word spelled out on a football field, looking at it 
from the bleachers.

WordArt does something like what I'd want, and so do some CAD programs... 
I'm trying to do it on a friends machine in Visio.
I hoped Text Blocks would allow me to do this but I've had no luck there.

Any Ideas will be much appreciated.


2.How do I get 1 text box to show the text of another text box

Hi All,

We are currently busy with our ISO certification and one of the requirements 
that is needed is that the version number of the document needs to be 
displayed on all pages. I have a text box on page one that contains the 
revision number and I would like to be able to place text boxes on the other 
pages that will show the text of the text box on the first page. This way I 
only need to change the revision in one place and it will then automatically 
change on the subsequent pages.

In Excel it was simple, just add the formula =Sheet1!A1, how can I do it in 

Thank you
Mark Hollander

3.How to Import Visio Text Boxes into Excel as Text

I have pased this doing print screen and then crop it using the picture tool 
bar.  In Excel but not editable if that is a word.

"Nick_adminator" wrote:

> I am working off a document created by someone else in Visio.  They have 
> create a 'spreadsheet' using lines and individual text boxes.  I want to 
> import/copy this text from visio(ideally keeping the formatting, but not 
> essential) and paste it into Excel cells.
> If I select one text box from visio and copy and paste it into excel, it 
> pastes the text into a cell as text (which is what I want).  However, If I 
> select multiple text boxes it will paste this into excel as an image.  I have 
> tried paste special but this only gives me different image types to paste it 
> as.
> Can anyone assist or point me in the right direction.
> Or am I barking up a non-existent tree?
> Thanks!

4.Editing Shape text boxes when the Text Tool is selected

Hi, When I edit text associated with a Visio Shape whilst I have the Text 
Tool on the Standrd Toolbar selected the image on screen moves so that the 
text to be edited is at the bottom left corner of the screen.  
With any other Toolbar icons selected this does not happen.
Is there a way of disabling this - other than never using the Text Tool?
Help please.
I am using a Corporate licenced version of Visio Pro 2003 SP1 (11.4301.6568)

5.Text Handle and Text Location

I am trying to set the yellow text handle and it's location. I found some 
code from an MS employee that sets it for connectors. I am using this code 
and most of the time it works properly but sometimes when my connectors are a 
bit longer the text handle and associated text is way off from the location 
of the line. 

What it looks like is the text handle is away from the line and then the 
text is a ways away from the handle. Does anyone know how to re-center the 
text handle back to the connector and then center the text back to the text 

Thank you. 

The code I found is below. 

Public Sub AddTextControlHandle()

    Dim vsoMaster As Visio.Master
    Dim vsoMasterCopy As Visio.Master
    Dim vsoShape As Visio.Shape
    Dim vsoPage As Visio.Page
    Dim masterCount As Integer
    Dim shapeCount As Integer
    masterCount = 0
    shapeCount = 0
    'Iterate through masters in current document searching for Dynamic 
    For Each vsoMaster In ActiveDocument.Masters
        If UCase(Left(vsoMaster.NameU, 17)) = "DYNAMIC CONNECTOR" Then
            Set vsoMasterCopy = vsoMaster.Open
            Set vsoShape = vsoMasterCopy.Shapes(1)
            'Check to see if connector already has text control handle
            If vsoShape.CellExistsU("Controls.TextPosition", 0) = 0 Then
                'Add text control handle
                vsoShape.AddNamedRow visSectionControls, "TextPosition", 0
                vsoShape.CellsU("Controls.TextPosition.X").FormulaU = "Width 
* 0.5"
                vsoShape.CellsU("Controls.TextPosition.Y").FormulaU = 
                vsoShape.CellsU("Controls.TextPosition.XDyn").FormulaU = 
                vsoShape.CellsU("Controls.TextPosition.YDyn").FormulaU = 
                vsoShape.CellsU("Controls.TextPosition.XCon").FormulaU = 
"IF(OR(STRSAME(SHAPETEXT(TheText)," + Chr(34) + Chr(34) + "),HideText),5,0)"
                vsoShape.CellsU("Controls.TextPosition.CanGlue").FormulaU = 0
                vsoShape.CellsU("Controls.TextPosition.Prompt").FormulaU = 
Chr(34) + "Reposition Text" + Chr(34)
                'Add text transform
                vsoShape.CellsU("TxtPinX").FormulaU = 
                vsoShape.CellsU("TxtPinY").FormulaU = 
                masterCount = masterCount + 1
            End If
        End If
    'Iterate through shapes in document searching for instances of masters 
in fixed list
    For Each vsoPage In ActiveDocument.Pages
        For Each vsoShape In vsoPage.Shapes
            'Check for dynamic connector
            If UCase(Left(vsoShape.Master.NameU, 17)) = "DYNAMIC CONNECTOR" 
                'Get current text block position
                Dim x As Double, y As Double
                x = vsoShape.CellsU("TxtPinX").ResultIU
                y = vsoShape.CellsU("TxtPinY").ResultIU
                'Reset text transform
                vsoShape.CellsU("TxtPinX").FormulaU = "="
                vsoShape.CellsU("TxtPinY").FormulaU = "="
                'Update text position
                vsoShape.CellsU("TxtPinX").ResultIU = x
                vsoShape.CellsU("TxtPinY").ResultIU = y
                shapeCount = shapeCount + 1
            End If
    MsgBox "Fixed " + CStr(masterCount) + " Dynamic Connector masters and " 
+ CStr(shapeCount) + " shapes."
End Sub

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