Visio 2003 Professional Gantt Charts in Windows XP Professional


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    Could anyone tell me how to setup the functionality in Visio to create a standard ER diagram with entities, attributes, and relationships? I don't want to see the attributes within the entity as in a database diagram, but rather as ovals connected to the entiry. I don't see this kind of functionality built into any of the templates, but I'm sure that I'm missing something obvious Thanks very much Eri
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    what is ment by visSLOJumpDirYDefault?
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    X-Posting to microsoft.public.visio, microsoft.public.visio.networkdesign.documentation Hello there, I don know how to import data into the controller environment. I did the the following -> Visio is installed on the controller 1. I opened Visio 2000 2. I imported the life directory from the controller. 3. I added a new OU in the domain structure. 4. In the menu, I went to directory services and chose "export to ldif" and then "export changes" Then I gave a ?.ldf name for the file. ("?" = standing for the filename) 5. Having done this I tried to import it on the same computer with the following syntax: ldifde -i -f ? ("?" = standing for the filename) I only get the answer: errror during the initialisation (while importing the file.) Can anybody give me some advice what to modify? Thanks for your help. Eva
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    Does anyone know where to find a template which contains optical components? I have an optical network to document and I was looking for tools. Thanks in advance, Tim Georges XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Visio 2003 Professional Gantt Charts in Windows XP Professional

Postby ZWpiMTExdXM » Thu, 24 Aug 2006 22:13:01 GMT

How do you continue the task ID numbering to a new page?

I have a project plan that goes over one page. I can insert a new page & a 
new Gantt chart, but the task ID starts over from 1. Alternatively, is there 
a way to continue adding tasks to page 1 and have Visio automatically 
continue to a new page when the first page is full?

Any hints would be greatly appreciated!

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