Visio Active X control src


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  • 1. Shapes Pane (Toolbar)
    When I click the "x" in the upper corner of the Shapes pane/toolbar to close it down, I can't seem to find a way to get it back open? I have tried all the menu choices and can't find anything. I checked help and couldn't find anything either. Please help. Right now the only recourse is to close the drawing and start over. There must be a better way!!!
  • 2. grid
    I know i asked before, but i'm still curious as how to do it. Can the grid be rotated by 30 degrees, or can there be an isometric snap that limits you to drawing only 30, 60, and 90 degree lines? In autocad you simply go into isometric mode, and youre limited to only 30,60,90 and you cant snap on at weird angles like 29.3 degrees as visio does from time to time.
  • 3. Auto creating visio drawings
    What I am thing of doing is to have Visio create a networking diagram if I provide the basic information needed. What I have is a bunch of sites that have 6 types, different equipment connections etc, and if I have a file with the equipment & IP addresses and so forth, is there a way to automatically create a different drawing for each one. I have Visio 2k3 pro, office 2k3 and the reference kit with the utilities that was offered free a few months ago. If you need additional information or I haven't explained what I want to do let me know and I will provide more information. Jeff
  • 4. Shape custom properties
    I have created a drawing of our server racks. I have also gone into the custom properties of the shapes as they are laid out in the racks and I have entered the server names, serial numbers, BIOS versions, etc. of each shape and I want to display it in a table on a master list sheet. How do I do this? I know the data is usable, I just don't know how to effectively display it. Thanks
  • 5. Visio 2003 - Pleas wait while Visio updates directory cache...
    ... the BOOM! Visio 2003 Enterprise Architect installs with no problems (Windows XP Pro, VS.NET 2003, etc..), but when I try to run I get the behavior above. The "directory cache" seems to update, but when Visio starts to paint the design surface - BOOM! (Visio has encountered and error and needs to shut down...) I get the same behavior when I install to a Virtual PC (Windows 2003 Server, VS.NET 2003). I'm trying to study for the 70-300 exam and use Visio EA for the ORM materials. Any feedback/direction would be greatly appreciated. Regards! <wbhm/> XXXX@XXXXX.COM

Visio Active X control src

Postby suki1a » Tue, 23 Dec 2003 23:51:52 GMT

Hi All,
I am designing an app using c# and the VDC. Do you know if there is
any way of making the VDC look at a template and open a (new)drawing
from it? By that I mean I do not want them to edit the template. I am
trying to make funtionality similar to that found in Visio.
Obviously I can do a copy past in the background etc, but I am hoping
for a neater solution!

Re: Visio Active X control src

Postby David Parker » Wed, 24 Dec 2003 20:09:50 GMT


Since setting the SRC property in a Visio Drawing Control only loads a copy
of a template, rather than the document itself, then you only need to set
the SRC to the template file, and then use the SaveAs method.  In this way,
you have created a new document based on a template.


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