Visio and Type1 fonts


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  • 1. graphic symbol
    does someone know where find "product key" symbol? (small b/w symbol of key, used in software labels to specify product key visually).
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    If I take a shape or group and change its interaction style (behavior dialog box) so that it acts as a 1D line instead of a 2D box, the right and left anchors will snap to any connection points in thier immediate vicinity. My question is, how do I change WHICH anchors will snap to connection points. If I wanted the top and bottom anchors to do it, then I just need to rotate the shape 90 degrees before grouping it, then rotate it back. But what if I wanted the bottom right and bottom left anchors to snap? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • 3. Calculation in Visio
    Hi, I would like to do the link budget by using Visio. Would someone please help me to slove the problem about how to pass the output value to serval shapes? Since I need to calculate the whole path loss. Thank you.
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    Is there anyway to export a Class Diagram to SQL DB? My need is to get a DB table corresponding to each class with the class name and columns with the name of the attributes of the class. Thanks in advance
  • 5. Simple Visio Questions
    Being new to Visio, I have some simple questions. 1) The shapes panel on my computer at the office has the shapes in a condensed, small icon format. On my home computer, they are larger with descriptions and larger icons. How do I change the format? 2) How do I change the default font that a drawing is to use after the drawing has already been started? 3) How do I change the default connector line thickness that a drawing is to use after the drawing has started? 4) Is it possible to modify the flow chart elements or create a separate, easily accessible library of elements? Thanks

Visio and Type1 fonts

Postby Michael Byrnes » Tue, 25 Nov 2003 17:26:00 GMT

Is it possible to configure Visio (2003) to utilize Type 1 and Opentype

Re: Visio and Type1 fonts

Postby Dawn Wright [MSFT] » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 07:25:59 GMT


No, unfortunately there is no way to configure Visio 2003 to support
PostScript fonts.  Visio's text rendering engine is built on GDI+, which
does not support PostScript fonts.


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